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It's time to catch up on all things Bachelor from last week and last night! I was traveling last week and didn't have the opportunity to blog so we've got a lot to talk about, especially considering last week was a Double Feature with two nights of Bachelor awesomeness! Let's get started!

This series of pictures from Clare's
hometown may as well be engage-
ment pictures.                                   
Hometown Highlights:
1. Nikki - Nikki is much more comfortable with her family than I've seen her this whole time. That's not really surprising because most people are, I just wish we had seen more of her like this over the last several weeks. I still think that Nikki is a little guarded and she and Juan P. have really awkward conversations. The way she talks to him still seems more like a job interview than the way you talk with someone you want to be engaged to. She thinks way too much!
2. Renee- I thought their hometown date was so sweet and he was very comfortable with her family and with Ben. That doesn't really say much though because Juan P. is obviously very charming and fits in with groups easily. Unfortunately, Juan P. didn't feel the same way about Renee as she did for him and he sent her home in the end. She handled it with such grace, I just love her. Even though she was probably heart broken at the time she didn't turn in to a weeping mess, she didn't act out with anger as we've seen from past seasons, she was grateful for the experience and I think she's probably one of the few who will try to remain friends with Juan P. after the show ends. 
3. Andi- Another great hometown date! I loved her dad, he was so skeptical and completely realistic about the situation. And his response to Juan P. about his "blessing" was fantastic. Basically he put it back on Juan P. and said if he was in his place, with his daughter dating a man with three other girlfriends, what would he do. That put Juan P. in his place. 
4. Clare- The most drama filled for sure, which again isn't a surprise because Clare is a bit of a drama queen. She so obviously fits in to that "youngest child" stereotype. Also, sucks to be her sisters because they are all pretty homely compared to Clare, which makes me more certain she's had some plastic surgery done. Her mom was very sweet and I actually do think that it turned out to be a good visit for Juan P. It's pretty apparent that Clare is the front runner at this point. 

The hometown date episode is where Juan Pablo is starting to lose me, I just don't think he's learned enough about any of the remaining girls and it seems more and more like he's not listening during conversations, he's just nodding along. I thought he was a good Bachelor at first but by now he should be much further with his relationships.

Fantasy Suite Highlights:
1. Clare & Nikki - Not much to report here, it was pretty typical Fantasy Suite stuff. Have an amazing date all day, eat some dinner and close the blinds for the night. The only thing semi-interesting about it was Clare pretended for about half a second to be concerned about the implications of staying overnight with Juan P. because the last time they had "alone time" he slut-shamed her the next day. (Isn't slut-shame a fun word, I read that in another story about what happened between Juan P. and Clare and it fit so perfectly that I had to steal it).
2. Andi- Everything seemed to be going fine, they went in to the Fantasy Suite with Andi thinking she could easily fall in love with him, and then the cameras left and when she came out she had an entirely different opinion of Juan P. It's funny because nothing dramatic happened. He wasn't mean to her or do anything specifically that made her dislike him (other than generally being a selfish person and bragging about his overnight date with Clare), just having that much time with him made her get to know him better and realize that she simply didn't like what she saw and knew it wouldn't work out. That and the fact that he didn't take the opportunity to learn anything about her during that time. Her "confrontation" with him was pretty amazing, I wont go too much in to that because it's been widely reported on so I'm sure you are fully aware of the "It's Okay/It's Not Okay" conversation. I was incredibly disappointed with Juan P.'s reaction afterward though. Moments before they spoke he was talking about how she could be the one and then after she leaves he acts like it's no big deal and he doesn't care. Maybe this process isn't going to work out for Juan P.
"Don't touch me."
3. Chris Harrison - I enjoyed Chris' conversation with Juan P. because for the first time it seems like Chris really just doesn't like Juan P. In past seasons, Chris has a great rapport with the Bachelor's and genuinely becomes friends with them. It seems like we haven't seen much of Chris this season and that makes me think he doesn't really believe that Juan P. is going to make a match. I really don't think this is a language barrier issue, Juan P. is crappy at getting emotionally involved with anyone, other than when he has to send someone home and that's only because he feels bad for hurting their feelings. 

Women Tell All Highlights:
1. Most of the girls have a less than favorable opinion of Juan P. but honestly I think some of them are just jumping on the "I hate Juan P." train without any personal experience of being wronged by him. It was interesting to hear them talk about how Juan P. calling Renee and Cassandra his "special ones" made them feel bad and it seems like Juan P. wasn't very good at communicating with any of them. He's pretty much just eye candy with a sexy accent to the majority of those girls.
2. Sharleen & Andi - It was pretty funny that the two girls who voluntarily left were about the only ones to defend Juan P. Although they did have very different experiences with him. Sharleen probably had the most intimate relationship with him as far as learning about each other and obviously their intense chemistry, but she had no idea that she was "the one" from the beginning. It's also funny that all the other girls did know that he had a strong preference for her. Andi seems to understand Juan P. better than most of the girls and I think her assumptions about him are very accurate, especially her comment about the "special ones" and how he wasn't preferring the moms over the others, just looking at them differently and considering their time differently. Even though she knew it wouldn't work out with him, she doesn't seem to harbor any strong feelings of hatred or even intense dislike for him. So he can't be that bad!
3. Renee - Yay for Renee that she's in a "situation" that is making her happy! That was pretty fast but I'm not at all surprised, she's the most genuine person I've seen on this show (maybe ever). Good for her that she's happy!
4. Juan Pablo has no regrets about the way he spoke to or treated anyone? Okay. Whatever.
The women are not amused. 

This is actually the first season where I'm tempted to read the spoilers and see what happens in the end... I might, but luckily there's only one week left so I wont be tempted to spill the beans to you folks so this here is still my personal prediction without knowing anything of what really happens.

When Andi left and it was down to Nikki and Clare, I thought immediately that Clare had just won it. I feel like her connection with Juan Pablo is stronger. Then again, I honestly don't know if Juan Pablo will end up with anyone. It's possible that he's just not ready to be with either of them. Regardless, I'll be surprised if it's Nikki (but I do love a surprise)!

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