Met Gala 2014 - OOH, AHH

The Met Gala 2014 was held this week and in stark contrast to the Punk Rock theme of last year, this year the stars showed up in full evening dress including tails and suggested "white tie" attire for the men. Here's a look at my favorite (Ooh) and least favorite (Ahh!) of the evening:


My celebrity bestie Emma Stone was my favorite, mostly because I'm a little obsessed with this crop top and high waist skirt trend that's happening and super jealous that I don't have anywhere to wear something like this or the ability to pull it off. Also, I really like when red heads wear pink.


What is happening with this ensemble? I feel like Beyonce is going cross eyed from this disturbing veil. I guess if anyone was going to pull it of it would be Beyonce but no, I don't like it.
To see more of the red carpet looks from the 2014 Met Gala check out Huffington Post online.

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