Bachelor Blog: Juan Pablo Weeks 4 and 5

Date Selfie with Renee.
I know, I know. I missed last week! I was traveling for work and apparently you can't watch The Bachelor online until 8 days after the air date. Not sure why they started doing that, it's annoying. Anyway, I watched last night and then caught up on last weeks this morning. That's right, I watched them in reverse. Oh well.

Before I get started on this week, I have just a couple thoughts on last week:
1. Nikki is hilarious
2. Kat is obnoxious
3. Clare is the worst

Okay moving on.

Top 3 highlights of the night:
1. To elaborate on why Clare is the worst, let's start with her complete monopolization of Juan Pablo on the group date. Not that Juan P. didn't feed right in to it, he's less sneaky than he thinks he is since all of the other girls saw him plant a smooch on Clare during that boat ride. But here's the worst thing about Clare, on the first week of dates Clare tells Juan P. that she doesn't want to kiss because she doesn't want their relationship to be purely physical. Last week, she goes back on that and the smooching comenses. This week she proved she's basically a slut because after "sneaking" to his place at 4:30 in the morning to "swim in the ocean" they totally had sex while they were in the water. I'm  not going to pretend like this has never happened in the history of The Bachelor because it totally does all the time, so I'm sure that whoever Juan P. ends up with will understand and they'll get past it. However, I don't think it has ever been this obvious in the past that such events transpired. I'm glad that Juan P. thought better of it and had a chat with Clare about how it "went too far" - hopefully that will knock her down a notch and she can stop slutting it up. Such a brat.
Date selfie with Nikki.
2. I really like Nikki, she's super funny and I don't really care that she doesn't get along with the other girls because she's real about it and honestly I don't think I would thrive in that kind of environment either. Who cares what the girls think about her, Juan P. likes Nurse Nikki and her big heart and so do I. I would like to know what she actually likes doing though. Last week she was terrified to dance in public, this week she's terrified to repel into a cave (okay that does sound scary). Hopefully, they can go on a date where she can do something she's actually comfortable with.
3. Renee and Juan P. are really cute and super natural together. At first I couldn't tell how Juan P. was feeling about Renee because he was so respectful of her because of her son. Not that he shouldn't be, but its time for them to kick things up, which they did when he FINALLY kissed her at the cocktail party. She's one to watch, I think he really likes her.

Clare's sad face.
Biggest Hot Mess of the night:
Clare (see above)

Favorite moment:
Renee's reaction to getting kissed by Juan P. she's too cute!

Who's out:
Last week we lost Elise and Lauren H.
This week it was Danielle (surprised she made it this far), Kelly (I'll miss her amazing testimonials), Allie (she was sweet but didn't get a lot of air time, or Juan P. time)

Top contenders - aka "Juan Pablo's Favorites"
Renee, Nikki, Andi, Sharleen and still Clare although I'm hoping he's learned from this week. Also, Chelsea might be a dark horse - remember how good their one-on-one was? Who knows?

Until next week...

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