Bachelor Blog - Juan Pablo Week 3

Oh my gosh, it is WEDNESDAY and I haven't blogged about The Bachelor this week! Sorry folks, it's been a bit busy around here, I'll try harder to be more timely. Let's get this show on the road!

Top 3 Highlights of the Night:
1. And the break out star of the night is Cassandra's ROMPER! So stinking cute, let me tell you it's hard to wear a romper. I've tried and failed numerous times. Okay so their date was kind of boring, obviously Cassandra is solid and will be around for a while (Juan Pablo even said so himself). Also something to note, he chose to bring her back to his house to hang out for dinner. This usually only happens with the serious contenders. Keep your eye on Cassandra, once she starts to open up things could get good. Lastly, she calls Juan Pablo "Juan" which I like, it makes her seem more relaxed and comfortable with him.
2. I really like Nikki, but she is SO serious! She's cute and fun in her confessionals but obviously feels a lot of pressure in these short conversations she gets with Juan Pablo. She needs a playful one-on-one ASAP! She's got a lot of potential, just needs to loosen up a bit!
3. Group date soccer game - I like that this was not a competition for more time with Juan Pablo but just a fun and friendly game. It was seriously the only sport I've ever seen on The Bachelor where there weren't major injuries or contestants getting super competitive and being legitimately pissed about losing. Poor Sharleen continuously blocked the ball with various parts of her body including her face, I almost wanted her to get a rose just for that but I'm glad he gave the rose to Nikki. I never got the best impression of Sharleen and now she's starting to really annoy me.

Biggest Hot Mess of the Night:

There weren't any major meltdowns this week, a couple girls cried but they pulled it together quickly. My vote for Hot Mess of the night goes to Elise. It was down to her and Chelsea for the second one-on-one of the week and she was SURE she was going to get it. She talked on and on about how Chelsea seems like a "baby" and a "little girl" and how some of these "young girls" aren't serious enough to be a step-mother. Well guess what? Juan Pablo took Chelsea on the date and it went really really well. Sorry Elise, the "baby" who turns out is not that much younger than you didn't get sent home and will probably be around  longer than you.

Runner up for Hot Mess is Kat - that crazy Kelly girl is right, Kat was pretty desperate during the pool party.

Favorite Moment:
I liked it when Juan Pablo wanted to help the blue team out during the soccer game because they were losing so bad and then effortlessly kicked butt, don't mess with Juan Pablo's mad soccer skills!

Who's out:
"Free Spirit" Lucy
"Girl I've Never Seen Before" Christy

Top Contenders:
Same as before I didn't see any new major contenders break out this week, I'm still thinking Clare, Andi, and Cassandra. I think Renee is still solid but I don't see her winning this, she's always in all the other girls business, if some is crying Renee is there holding their hand. Also, I'm hoping to add Nikki to this list but I'm waiting until she has a one-on-one.

Things are still pretty friendly around the house, girls are starting to get a little caddy and rivalries are starting to emerge but I think we're going to have a comparatively tame season!

Until next week....

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