Bachelor Blog: Juan Pablo Week 6

Can you believe we're already six weeks in to this season and after last night there are only 6 girls left! Hometowns are creeping up on us and will be here before you know it! Things are getting weird and I like it!

Group Date Ogo Rides - YAY! An activity Nikki likes!
Top 3 highlights of the night:
1. Cassandra gets sent home on her birthday. This was pretty sad, but I gotta say I saw it coming. When they give a girl that much camera time talking about how it would be a great birthday present to get a rose and how she can't wait to move their relationship forward, something bad is coming. Poor girl, she never suspected. I will say I was shocked to hear that she was celebrating her 22nd birthday! Yeesh, she's a youngster. I knew she was young but hearing someone say "Yay, it's my 22n'd birthday!" when they have a child and are looking for a husband on a television show makes me feel old.
Kat inside the Ogo!
2. Clare and Juan P. clear the air. I like how they tried to completely mask the fact that they had sex. "Did we do anything inappropriate?" Nicely played Clare, keep people guessing. I will say that as much as she annoys me, they seem like a real couple and communicate well with each other. I'm not convinced that she'll actually be the one in the end just because it's too early and the show seems to be giving their relationship too much attention at this point. That being said, if she is the one, Juan P. better plan to bend to her every will in their marriage because Clare clearly always gets what she wants.
3a. Sharleen alludes to leaving next week. Why is she giving it another week, she should have pulled him aside at the cocktail party and told him she wanted to leave. Stringing it out for another week isn't going to do anything but confuse her more.
3b. Andi finally got a one-on-one. She's a good sport, if I had been maneuvering through "the squeeze" I might have peed my pants, if only to warm myself up a bit!

Biggest Hot Mess of the night:
There actually wasn't that much girl drama last night, I'd say the little testimonial battle between Chelsea and Kat over who was going home (both were convinced the other was going) was it. But next week we'll get to see a little more Nikki/Clare drama. If you're not Team Nikki in that situation, we're no longer friends. Okay just kidding.

Seriously, they went to HOBBITON!
Favorite Moment:
The scenery from New Zealand stole the show for me! THEY WENT TO HOBBITON AND HUNG OUT IN A HOBBIT HOLE! Sharleen get's 2 points for geeking out over this the same way I would have. And thus begins my new vacation fund - I will go there!

Who's out:
Poor Cassandra - Happy Birthday to you!
Kat - good, that girl annoyed me!

Top Contenders, aka Juan Pablo's "Special Ones" aka the girls with the best shot at hometown dates:
Four girls get hometown dates, after next week we should be down to either 5 or 4 depending on if he sends more than one girl home. It looks like Sharleen might send herself home next week so let's just assume she does, here's who I think will get hometowns:
1. Clare (no brainer)
2. Nikki
3. Renee
4. Andi (unless Sharleen stays)

That's all for this week, until next week everyone!

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