Bachelorette Blog: Des Week 7 - Madeira

Three one-on-one dates and a two-on-one date? This week was jam packed with lots of dating action! And I've got a lot to speculate about so let's get started!

First let's talk about Des' Bachelor friends, it's good to hear from Catherine about her and Sean. I know this was filmed a while back but good for them that they're still hanging on. Also, great to hear about how Des describes each of the guys. And Des is falling in love, with more than one person. So her options are still open (more on this later). Catherine with the binoculars was pretty funny! Best Catherine quotes:

"I don't know how to work these (binoculars), because I'm not a CREEPER!"
"Why is Brooks wearing a tank top?"

It was good to see Des having fun with her girlfriends, she needed to let loose a little!

Date #1 - Brooks

Holy scenic date, the mountain that Des and Brooks went to was so beautiful. It's been a long time since Des and Brooks have had a one-on-one. They have had a lot of one-on-one interaction during the group dates but it's good to see them alone again. Des is in love with Brooks, but Brooks is playing it a little too cool. Saying "Falling in love with Desiree would be awesome"  is a little omnious. He likes her but he's not yet in love with her. But maybe it's just because he needs more time with her? It's strange because she obviously wants it to be him and he's the only guy left who isn't already in love with her. .

Brooks is nervous about bringing Des home. For their "love" adjectives he's only at a "jog" and she's already at a "run" (by the end of the week she's "at the finish"). He hopes to love her, that doesn't sound promising to me. They do have great interaction but I think Des is right to wonder if Brooks is really ready and I hope he doesn't break her heart too hard.

Date #2 - Chris

Bleh, I'm so tired of Chris' poetry. I know Des really loves it and she's a poet too but I think this is played out. Maybe try something else creative, Chris. So, they wrote a poem together to send out as a message in a bottle. That's pretty fun, I like the idea of the message in a bottle and I'm not surprised that Chris thought of it, he's a romantic (hence the poetry). That should have been enough poetry for the night but no, he decided to write her a poem to tell her that he loves her. And cue the gagging. Sorry to be so hard on Chris, I do think he's great and he and Des have a good connection, he's a good guy. Chris knows when to be funny, when to be serious, when to be romantic. He's also sensitive but still athletic (I wouldn't go so far as to say he's manly though...).

Date #3 - Michael

I'm not sure why Michael is still around, Des isn't in to him and she's not good at faking it. There has to be a certain level of faking ability on this show. Typically, the Bachelorette knows the first night that there are a few guys that will be there for the long haul. Most of the Bachelorettes that I've seen in interviews said they knew the top two guys from the get-go and the rest of the time they just have to enjoy the adventure. So it goes without saying that any time their not interacting with their top two guys, they're probably just trying to make the best of leading other guys on. Not the most fun, but usually they do a decent job of pretending for the sake of the show. Des isn't great at that. Not that she needs to be, she's a real person and it's hard to pretend that you're dating someone you know you wont end up with in the end. Anyway, back to Michael. This was pretty awkward. It's down to top 5, next step is meeting the family and this date felt like it should have been happening in the first few weeks. On a positive note, there is no one left in the house that Michael takes issue with so he didn't have to waste his time on this date talking about the other guys like he usually does. This is probably one main reason that Des and Michael haven't connected.

Date #4 - Drew & Zak

Luckily for these guys, this two-on-one date doesn't result in one of them going home immediately. However, one of them does get a rose and an automatic home town date! This was a really good date. The guys are friendly, they respect each other so there was no super awkward tension and they just had a good time. The racing part of the date was fun and added some friendly competition to the date. Zak is super intense all the time so of course he won the race. The one-on-one time with each of these guys was great, she has connections with both of them but I wasn't surprised that in the end the rose went to Drew.

I know that Des says she's in love with Brooks and that to this point he's "the one" but she is so obviously smitten with Drew. They can't stop touching and laughing and enjoying being with each other. Drew let her know he's falling for her and you could tell that she was so happy to hear that. The fact that she lets herself get emotional with him makes me believe that if she's not already in love him she's pretty darn close! She told him she was falling for him too and as I said before she's not good at faking it so she really is.

Zak was pretty shocked (as usual) that he didn't get the rose on the date but he needent worry too much, the rose ceremony was just hours away!

Pre-Ceremony Chat with Chris Harrison

I love these little chats with Chris, I think it makes him feel like there's more to his job than just announcing a rose ceremony and the final rose. But really, they are good because Chris has a relationship with each of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes and is able to have good candid interviews with them. They didn't talk much about Drew because he already had a rose, but they did talk A LOT about Brooks. This is where we learned that for Des, Brooks is it. Confusing right? Because in sneak peak for the rest of the season that aired last week, it looked like Des was telling Drew that he's been the one and that he breaks her heart. This is clever editing, they want to keep up the mystery and they want to make it seem like there's a possibility that Des will leave heart broken with no one.

So next week are the home town dates and Des will be visiting the families of Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak (are we at all surprised that Michael got the axe last night? I'm not!). I see this going down a couple different ways:

1. Drew really is the one that Des is in love with and he chooses to leave for reasons yet unknown (I think this is probably unlikely because that's how the producers have cut the promos so it's probably not true). This would play out similarly to how Ali's season did when Frank left. Everyone knew Frank was the one Ali wanted to pick and when he left she chose Roberto and unfortunately it didn't last.

2. A change up! Same thing happens as in #1 but with Brooks as the heart breaker. This is more likely considering Brooks isn't in love with her yet and I think if he's not in love with her after his family meets her he'll break things off.

3. So I think the final two will either be Drew and Chris, or Brooks and Chris and I think that Des will either choose no one or she's choose Chris. The reason I think she wont choose Drew (even though she should) is that I've heard a lot of hype about people thinking he could be the next Bachelor, which means he probably doens't win (sad face).

So that's my prediction, from the looks of Zaks family they might be a little too weird, but I could be totally wrong. Zak will probably win in the end and he and Des will live happily ever after!

Looking forward to next week and the home town dates!

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