Bachelorette Blog: Des and the Hometown Dates

I know how behind I am on this blog, I was traveling for work and it's a miracle that I got to watch it on Monday night so it's taken me a little while to get to blogging about it! I think the theme for Monday's episode was "Everyone Loves Des". All the families and all the men (maybe with the exception of Brooks) is completely in love with Des!

Hometown #1 - Zak

I missed the portion of this date where he showed her around where he works but from what I've heard it was like an advertisement for his business so that's a bummer. As far as his family goes, they are pretty awesome. Super fun and I think it would be a blast hanging out with them. Their interaction reminded me of how I act with my family and it seemed really natural... until they started singing. That was super weird and I think Des was crying as much out of embarrassement for them as for herself. Not that they aren't good singers because they were very good but it seemed kind of like an audition to me. Maybe that cute sister of Zak's will get a record deal?

During the short time that Zak and Des had alone he gave her a ring that he bought when he first knew he was in love with her. That's really sweet and given any other normal dating situation would be a really nice story to tell the kids, unfortunately it pretty much was the nail in his coffin. At this point, Des thinks she's going to end up with Brooks (more on that later) and knowing that Zak already had a ring for her made her realize she needed to break things off before he got in too deep. In the end Des sent Zak back home to his family.

Hometown #2 - Drew

I (like most of the Bachelorette fans out there) just love Drew. His family was wonderful, they had great talks about important things and they completely welcomed Des in to the family. Drew finally told Des that he was in love with her and she was very happy to hear it. I don't have a lot else to say, all they wanted to do was kiss and kiss and kiss like normal. I've said it before, Des should choose Drew but I'm pretty sure she doesn't.

Hometown #3 - Chris

Well that was really weird, between his dad giving Des an adjustment to his dad (again) having guy talk with Chris in his chiropractic office while "balloon adjusting" Chris' nose... it was all kinds of wonky. Chris' family is obviously very skeptical of the situation and I know he said his mom was crying tears of joy but she really didn't look that happy. They are a nice family and very close but I think maybe Chris puts too much emphasis on his mom's opinion. What was really funny is that he didn't seem to know the extent of how much they hated his ex until now. Good for him to know I think.

They better get used to having Des around because when Brooks breaks her heart (inevitably) she's probably going to pick Chris (if anyone).

Seriously WTF

Hometown #4 - Brooks

I really, really don't think Brooks loves Des. He's trying to love her and that's not good. I think some of the things that his family was telling him about "how you know when it's the one" struck him and he's starting to realize that Des isn't the one for him. But he's still trying to convince himself that she is which is too bad for Des because she's convincing herself that he's just being cautious. This isn't going to turn out well for her. Which brings me to what's going to happen in two weeks after the Men Tell All Special. From the looks of things, Brooks will decide to leave because he's just not that in to her and it will completely destroy her. I really don't know if she'll decide to continue. She's been skeptical from the start, she's had her heart broken before, and she's been reluctant to let herself fall in love. When the one she thinks is meant to be her husband rejects her, I think it might be the end of the road for this Bachelorette season. We'll see though.

I wonder if Chris Harrison has any behind the scenes knowledge because he has said a few things that make me believe that he's trying to prepare Des for the fall.

One other thing that happened in Monday's episode was Des' conversation with her brother, I thought it was pretty dumb so I don't even want to talk about it.

So, this season has been kind of a downer. Maybe things will start to look up, or maybe it's going to be "the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette ever!"

Looking forward to the Men Tell All, it's always a good show!

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