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I don't know guys, this season is not my favorite. Not that that's going to stop me from watching! On paper, I should be lovin' it, it's got all the classic Bachelorette drama and romance that I expect and love but I think it might be the chemistry that's off for me. I will say that this week I saw a little bit more connection between Des and a few of the guys but it seems like she should be a little more invested at this point. More on that later though, let's talk about the dates!

One-on-one: Drew

Yay, finally Drew gets a date and he's so cute! Drew reminds me a lot of JP from Ashley's season, and we all know how that turned out. In case you don't, he won and they got married. Making them one of the only successful Bachelor/Bachelorette relationships. You can tell that Drew is really in to Des, similarly to JP he pretty much worships her and would do anything to make her happy and hates making her sad. I think this is a pretty good quality. Their date went really well, but the best part was their make-out session in the alley. Way to take initiative Drew, Des definitely took note.

He did have to break the hard news about what he overheard James say last week but good call on his part waiting until the end of the night.

Group date: Soccer and James drama

They skated past the soccer portion of this date pretty quick like and jumped right in to the James drama. So that's what I'll do too. I'm glad that Kasey told James what he overheard, I think he tried to approach it responsibly to give him an opportunity to explain himself. James didn't really make the most of that opportunity, he's kind of a hot head and a little bit of a cry baby. "Stop judging me, why wouldn't I think about being the Bachelor?" I'm paraphrasing here but that was the jist. What made it worse was stupid Michael butting in with his natural confrontational personality.

Ultimately, Des decided not to give out the rose and took the time to speak with James about the accusations. She obviously liked him a lot after their one-on-one date and she was really torn about what to believe. If she didn't really like him, she would have let him go right then. Instead she decided to take some time to think things over.

Some high notes from the group date is Des' interaction with Brooks and Chris. Her poem for Chris was pretty cute and it was nice to see that she likes someone that much.

One-on-one: Zak

Art classes in Barcelona, really fun idea for a date. Too bad she took creepy Zak. However, Zak was really funny and completely cracked Des up which bodes well for him. I think he legitimately cracks Des up, you can tell from the way she laughs and smiles that it's genuine which is sometimes not how I feel about her reactions to the other guys....I appreciate humor too, I think it's one of the most important aspects in a relationship, I wish I could get past the heebie jeebies that Zak instills in me.

Des and Zak have a similar spirit for adventure. Creepy Zak is growing on me, I think he's a nice guy and I'll just have to get over my aversion to him. However, I do think he's too in love with her too early. That is all.

The fate of James:

Drew and James' confrontation was a little hard to watch, James is an idiot. This confrontation is 100% different than Michael's confrontation with Ben because Drew is rational and only thinking of Des. I think he was right that James isn't dedicated and why is James positioning himself to be The Bachelor when he doesn't even know that things wont work out with Des? He should be thinking about her and their relationship.

Des wanted to let James go because she didn't believe he was trustworthy and she trusted the other guys more. James did try pretty hard to sell her on his devotion and it just completely screwed her up! So yet again, she needed more time to think about it on her own. Again, she obviously really likes him.

I was really surprised that Chris got so upset, but I really appreciated his argument and I like Chris more every episode.

Thankfully in the end, Des decided to let James go and I think that's probably the best decision that she's made this whole season, it was clearly a hard one for her.

Leaving us this week: Juan Pablo, James and Kasey
Stand-outs from the week: Zak and Drew
Overall favorites: Chris, Brooks, Drew and (dare I say?) Zak

BONUS - Let's break this down, the final 5 guys. As I said before I'm just not feeling enough emotion or connection from Des. Maybe it's just because she's super guarded and possibly a little skeptical of the process, her heart was broken once and I think she's really afraid it might happen again so she's still not ready to totally give in to the guys she's "crushing" on.

Drew- Sweet and genuine - but oh no, it seems like there are some hard times coming for Des and Drew.
Zak - Okay he's a good guy and he seems to be an okay fit for Des on paper, I still find him creepy but he's growing on me.
Brooks- I think they've had a good connection from the start and he has a good sense of humor but I'd like to see a little more of their interactions and see if there is something more there.
Chris- At this point he and Drew are my favorites. I like him more and more.
Michael - Clearly a psycho, I think he'll be gone next week.

A few weeks ago someone at work asked me if I liked any of the guys and it was hard to tell at that point, I think Des has narrowed it to a good group (with one exception). The previews for the rest of the season pretty much rocked my face off. Well done Bachelorette promo people, well done.

Until next week!

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