Reading Challenge: I Remember Nothing

I found this book while trolling the library e-books borrowing page. I’m a fan of Nora Ephrons screenplays (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Julie & Julia, etc.) and thought this would be an interesting read. Especially, because Nora Ephron passed away in the past year from pneumonia as a complication from leukemia. She had kept her illness secret from most people, so when her death was reported it came as a big shock. I found myself wondering a lot while reading I Remember Nothing, if she knew she was sick while writing it so I did a little research and yes, she was diagnosed in 2006 and the book was published in 2010 just two short years before her death. For that reason, among many others, I thought this was a really compelling read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in her life.

As I said before, I was a fan of her screenplay work, but I knew very little about her beyond that. When she died, I remember the outpouring from the media and entertainment industry as a whole and after reading this short book I understand why. Ephron spends much of the book talking about her past as a journalist and how difficult it was breaking in to the industry as a woman in the 60’s. She touches lightly on her transitions in her career but the majority of the story are reflections on her life and, ironically considering the title, the things that she remembers, the things she won’t miss and the things she will.

It’s a really nice, funny memoir in a way. And so timely and thought provoking.
Book 23/50

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