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If you watch The Bachelorette for the drama, the Men Tell All is probably one of your favorite episodes too! I love watching this episode because it’s usually pretty crazy.

I saw a great quote from JP Rosenbaum on facebook that basically said if you don’t make it through the first couple weeks you have no room to talk, totally agree. Some of these guys hardly had any air time on the show and now they’ve all got a lot of opinions. Although it was pretty funny when they were talking about “Mr. Fantasy Suite” who didn’t even make it through the entire first night.

To be honest, I think most of the things that happened before Des came were pretty much old news, and nothing that we didn’t already know from watching this season. However, once Des was brought in to the picture things got a little more heated (but not nearly as good as Emily’s season). Here are the most memorable moments from last night’s show:

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·         I still think it’s BS that James thinks the conversation he had with Mikey that eventually lead to his leaving the show was okay. And Des was having non of him last night. She definitely took to the advice from her former Bachelorette friends nd laid in to him, she’s completely right that he was manipulating her and it’s good she sees it now. Pretty safe to say James would love to be The Bachelor, but that it’s just never going to happen.

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·         Zak sang Des another song (it was the only way he knew how to express his feelings, right)…. I don’t know why this always rubs me the wrong way; I just think they’re trying to get him a record deal.

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·         Everyone loves Juan Pablo – I know there’s been a lot of talk about people thinking Drew should be the next Bachelor, but Juan Pablo has a good shot (and Des thinks so too)!

·         BLOOPERS! Always the best thing! There seemed to be a lot of bloopers with Bryden but he didn’t say anything during the show, what the heck Bryden? Speak up!

·         Pretty much everything that Chris Harrison said was a highlight from the night.

And the preview of the 2-part season finale, this is interesting to me that they are calling it a 2-part finale which leads me to believe that the final episode doesn’t follow the typical format especially because Chris called it the most shocking finale ever and something we’ve never seen before.

I always try to believe the opposite of what the sneak peeks appear to be but it’s pretty hard not to believe that this is how things might go down in the finale:

·         Brooks will decide he’s not in love with Des and break her heart

·         Des will be heartbroken and have a chat with Chris Harrison

·         Des will have to decide if she wants to move forward with Drew and Chris or if her hearts not in it anymore

·         It looks like Des has a pre-proposal chat with someone that she can’t fully give her heart to (maybe one of them, maybe both of them). Maybe she doesn’t want to even go through the final “rose/proposal” ceremony.

·         However, it does looks like Chris gets to the “proposal” stage… but that he ends up crying in the limo….

So, I think she might end up with no one. But I also think this is what the show wants us to think, so now I don’t know…. We’ll see next week J
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