Reading Challenge: The Shining Girls

The Shining Girls about a time traveling serial killer and the one who got away, is one of the top reads of the summer according to Entertainment Weekly and many other “it lists”. The story follows serial killer, Harper Curtis, and allows him to travel through time to find his “shining girls”. In parallel, the story tracks Kirby, one of Harper’s girls who miraculously survives his brutal attack, as she searches for answers about her attempted murder.

Really good read! I’m perversely drawn to stories about serial killers in all forms whether it’s from the perspective of the killer himself or tracking a killer through a good mystery; this book has both aspects. In addition to all that, throw in the time travel and I’m sold. I like the idea of time travel in novels (the best of which that I’ve read was The Time Traveler’s Wife)  but I don’t like to have to think too hard about how it is possible or why it happens. In this book time travel just is. There is no explanation, the time travel revolves around a house that allows the inhabitants to open the door to another time. This makes me feel like the time travel is somehow magical and I’m a sucker for a good fantasy. All of these things are the reason I picked it up, and the writing backed up the premise.

The headline of the description for this book on goodreads is “The girl who wouldn’t die hunts the killer who shouldn’t exist.” You tell me that isn’t intriguing? Although, I would say that Harper is a more primary character than Kirby for most of the book with the exceptions of when their story lines collide.

This is the first book I’ve read by author Laura Beukes, but I’m definitely going to look in to her other two novels after getting a taste of her unique mind.
Book 22/50

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