Reading Challenge: The Host

As part of my reading challenge, you may know that I'm re-reading some of my favorite series. This book isn't part of a series (yet) but after finishing the Twilight Series and because the movie will be coming out this month (March 29, 2013), I really wanted to give this one another read! This is only the second time I've read this book so I remembered the big plot points but it was really fun to get a refresher on all the details.

If you're a fan of the Twilight series I'm sure you've heard of or read The Host. While I love the Twilight Series, I think Stephenie Meyer's departure from that world was fantastic. The Host is so original and I really love that she was able to move away from fantasy and take on science fiction in such a successful way. If you don't think the Twilight books were well written and have doubts about Stephenie Meyer as an author, you should read The Host it is amazing to see her create this completely different world.

In The Host, Earth is now inhabited primarily by peace-loving aliens called Souls. The Souls took the planet because they found humans to be violent, destructive beings who were ruining the planet. Melanie Stryder is a human living on the run from the Souls, trying to maintain her humanity. When she is caught and implanted with a Soul called Wanderer she fights not to completely disappear. With Melanie screaming at her from within and withholding specific memories, Wanderer finds herself falling in love with Melanie's human family and wanting to find them. Melanie takes Wanderer on a journey to find the ones she loves and in doing so they discover a rebel cell of humans.

Stephenie Meyer writes love and relationships in a way that is so believable and endearing. While this story is science fiction at it's core, it's truly about different kinds of love; family love, romantic love and the love between the closest friends. I'd love to read more about how the Souls and humans co-exist and struggle for dominion of Earth, so hopefully Stephenie will revisit the world of Melanie and Wanderer!

Read the book now so you can see the movie on March 29th! From what I've seen of the trailers it should be good!

Reading challenge: 8/50

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  1. I'll admit, the trailer for this movie kind of intrigued me, as did the plot for the book, but... gah. I can't get over Stephenie Meyer + Twilight. I know you love it, but I don't, and... I don't know. Maybe I'll see the movie and decide from there.


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