Reading Challenge: The Help

This is one of those books that I wasn't motivate to read at all and probably never would have read if we hadn't picked it for my book club group. I've seen the movie and it's wonderful but I had no desire to read this book at all but I'm actually really glad that I did. One thing that I do want to stress is that if you've seen the movie, you know everything. The movie is exactly like the book. It's like they took the book, removed all the dialogue and made that in to a screen play. Whoever adapted the screenplay for the movie did an amazing job. That being said, the book is well worth reading.

Set in 1962, this book tells the story of a budding journalist, Skeeter, who wants to write about the African American women who serve the white families of Jackson, Mississippi. With the encouragement of one of the maids in town (Aibileen), the others reluctantly tell Skeeter their life stories. They do so in private and as secretly as possible, because if found out they risk not only their jobs but their lives.
Skeeter, Minnie and Aibileen
The Help portrays a slice of life out of 1962 Jackson. The story is beautifully written and makes readers understand what it was like to live during this time. It's upsetting and heartwarming at the same time. If you're looking for worthwhile read that will make you feel, pick this book up at your local library or book store. And definitely see the movie if you haven't yet!

Reading challenge: 7/50

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  1. I WILL finish this. Someday. Probably. Hopefully.


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