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The Women Tell All is always a fun night, usually it feels kind of like a behind the scenes look at what was really happening in the house and getting a chance clear the air. Last night, I didn't feel like the ladies had that much more to contribute for the most part, but it was still entertaining to watch. Here are the key takeaways from last night's special:

Tierra with her enormous engagement ring
Tierra is delusional:
I'm glad that they put Tierra's section near the beginning of last night's episode. So often, they save the most negative or dramatic player to be featured near the end so that they can hype it up the whole night. I think people are over Tierra so they realized it wasn't necessary to drag it out. We learned nothing new in this section which is disappointing. We had pretty much heard everything any of the women had to say about her on the show. And she was just as delusional as ever thinking she didn't do anything wrong. She'll always play the victim, that's just who she is. The only notable thing about Chris's chat with her was the revelation of her recent engagement. We've all heard this in the news and she confirmed that it is real, but when Chris asked her when she got engaged she started with "No comment." She quickly revealed that she got engaged in January. I think she was reluctant to tell everyone that because, Bachelor filming wrapped in November so this was a quick process for her. Chances are, she and her fiance were never truly broken up and he was just waiting for her to come home to put a ring on it. I'm sure for background checks, etc., they had to appear to be broken up, but her reaction to that question shouldn't have been so guarded if there was nothing for her to hide. I'm sure The Bachelor will get more ratings from Tierra in the future if she agrees to do Bachelor Pad, and there's no reason for her not to since her goal in this was obviously to become a reality TV star.

Des will be the next bachelorette:
I don't think this is actually announced or anything, and I do have to give credit for this prediction to Ali Fedotowsky because she's been saying this for weeks. (Sidebar: if you don't read Ali's bachelor blog or follow her on facebook you really should, she has a great perspective on this having gone through it herself and has lots of inside information about the show in general) It seemed pretty obvious that Chris was talking her up as a fan favorite and her comments about just wanting to find love and make someone happy seemed like prep for her own season.

Hell hath no fury like AshLee scorned: 
This was probably the most dramatic portion of the show, especially when AshLee called Sean out and told everyone that he told her he had no feelings for the other two girls (Catherine and Lindsay). You could tell that this comment came out of left field for Sean, he had no idea she would play so dirty. I believe he probably did say something like that to her, probably not so explicitly because he clearly does have feeling for the two remaining girls. But in their alone time he was in the moment with her and she probably heard what she wanted to hear. I wont say that Sean didn't lead any of the girls on because he really did, it seemed like he was in love with every single one of the girls over the course of the season. But that was really harsh for her to say on national television. It's just going to put in to question his feelings for the girl that he does end up with and it's mean to try to start rumors like this just because you're still bitter that he broke up with you. Not cool AshLee. I'm glad everyone got to see that you're not as sweet an innocent as you pretended to be on the show. I felt bad for Sean because he wanted to clear the air with her and leave on friendly terms and that's not what he got. 
All smiles until AshLee throws some punches

Oh yeah, one more thing about the women, did anyone hear Kacie say anything? It was as if she wasn't even there, weird.

My favorite part of all the episodes is always at the very end when they show the bloopers. They showed a few good ones last night but it was pretty short, I'd totally be up for an hour long Bachelor Bloopers special every season!

Finally, I'm not going to talk about the two finalists here because I'm working on a separate blog about them but I'd like to make a quick prediction here that Sean will end up with Chris Harrison. Those two have a serious bro-mance brewing and I think they are in love.

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