Here's what I think: Pretty Little Liars

Be for warned, there are SPOILERS in here:

Let me start by saying, yes I'm 29 years old and I'm totally obsessed with this high school drama. I'm not ashamed, I love it. It's a funny mystery with lots of fashion, why would I not love it? Okay, glad we're past that! Last night was the season finale of season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. A lot has happened in the last three seasons. If you've read my other TV related blog posts, you'll know I don't like spoilers so I haven't read any, and that's also why I always warn when I'm posting spoilers in case, like me you don't wan to read them! There are exactly two spoilers/theories that I've heard about this show and I got them by accident.

Both spoilers were based on story lines that came from the book series.The first, was that Mona was A. I read this in Entertainment Weekly by accident (not the first time EW has sprung a spoiler on me out of nowhere!). I read that spoiler just before the season 2 finale when Mona was revealed to be A. The second, my sister told me a couple weeks ago and I could have punched her for it, because if it turns out to be true it would have blown my mind if I'd seen it on the show without ever suspecting!

The spoiler my sister revealed to me is that Red Coat (the leader of the A team) is Ali, and that Ali has a twin sister Courtney who died in her place. After last night's episode, where it appears Ali is indeed Red Coat; I think this could be a plausible storyline for season 4. However, there are some major flaws that I just wanted to spew here for the record!

First, I'm not that surprised that Ali appears to be alive. It seems like this has been coming for a while. The only thing that bothers me about this is that they found Ali's body and probably had DNA evidence proving that it was her. The twin scenario would make this more realistic and explain away those things, although it's not completely necessary because this show is fiction and outlandish so they could for example say that the evidence was planted or faked.

Second, the twin thing bothers me. How could no one have known that Ali had a twin, and why have her parents or her brother Jason never mentioned it. It could be a long lost separated at birth situation, but ABC Family already has a show about that so I find this unlikely. 

What makes me believe that Ali is really alive is the end of the episode with the hand coming out of the ground, we've seen this before but the big twist was that someone helped her get out of the ground. So now we know there is someone out there who knows she's alive and is in on it. I suspect exciting things to come next season.

Speaking of next season, here are my theories about what's to come. Remember, I haven't read the books and I don't read spoilers so these are just my own random ideas and they could be WAY off, or they could be exactly on target which means I'm some kind of genius!

Jason is dead. He disappeared after that whole elevator incident. Then Spencer found what she thought was Toby's body in the woods. I think someone killed Jason, branded him with Toby's tattoo (or he already had it for reasons yet unknown to us) and planted him in the woods to trick Spencer. We know that Toby is alive and we know the cops found a body of a late teen/early twenties man. I think it's Jason.

There is no more A team. We learned in this last episode that the A team consisted of Mona, Toby (who was participating in order to protect Spencer), and Spencer (who was trying to find Toby). None of them had ever seen or knew who Red Coat, their leader was. Now that everyone knows that Mona didn't know who Red Coat is until they saw Ali in the red coat pull them out of that burning house, and A is targeting Mona along with the rest of them, it's safe to say there is either no A team left, or Ali will find a new band of followers to build a new A team.
Glad these two are back to normal

Even if there isn't an A team anymore, there is still the other group with Jenna, Melissa, and Shana (and Wilden?) who were clearly responsible for the fire and were obviously trying to frame Toby for it by knocking him out and dropping the lighter by him. I think we'll see much more of these ladies next season. I think they were probably responsible for some part of Ali's "death" and have no idea that she is alive. I've always thought Melissa has been mixed up in this, hopefully there is more there next season.

One last thing I want to say is that I'm so happy that Aria and Ezra are finally over. That's all.

Isn't it nice that ABC Family has such a short break period and we get to see the next season in June already, only a few months and we'll get some answers and probably even more questions! Can't wait!

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