Here's what I think: Pretty Little Liars Style

Let's face, we tune in to Pretty Little Liars week after week not just for the mystery and suspense but also for the fashion! Over the past three seasons the style of these leading ladies has evolved and made each of these characters and actresses style icons!

Spencer - Spencer's style has evolved over the last three years as her character has. She started out very preppy and buttoned up. As her character has become more open her style has become more natural while still keeping things classic and polished.

Aria - Aria gets to have all the fun. Her style is bold and takes a lot of risks. She's not afraid to mix patterns and textures which gives her a super edgy look, especially compared to her more conservative friends.

Hanna - Hanna started as an Allison wannabe. After Allison's disappearance she made herself in to the new queen bee and dressed the part with typical popular girl clothes. As her character becomes more comfortable in her own skin and new body (having been overweight in her childhood) Hanna become a fashionista. She loves fashion and she's not afraid to go for the more glamorous looks! Seriously, no one in high school dresses like Hanna!

Emily - Emily has the most realistic wardrobe for a high school student. She is an athlete so she's more comfortable in jeans and tanks a lot of the time. What bothers me about Emily's wardrobe is that I feel like they are trying to tone down how gorgeous she is and make her look like a tomboy. Just because she's a lesbian doesn't mean she has to wear denim vests and plaid shirts all the time, let her glam it up once in a while to fit in with her fashionable friends!

And let's not forget Mona, she may not be one of the core four but I love her style, especially this last season!

While each of these characters and the actresses who play them have great style, they look even better as a group, check out how the style of this foursome has changed over the last few years.

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