Here's what I think: The Bachelor Final Rose and Beyond

The night we've all been waiting for has now passed and we all watched as Sean sent Lindsay home and proposed to Catherine last night! Great episode and I love the interaction as they added bits of live studio coverage as we waiting for the After The Final Rose show to begin!

A few things I want to touch on from last night's episode:

1. Sean's dad is the cutest man in the world! I remember this from Emily's season, that Sean's dad is the the sweetest most genuine and sincere man I've ever seen! His interaction with both Lindsay and Catherine were so precious and welcoming. He would be an amazing father-in-law!

2. Lindsay's dismissal: Leading up to the final rose/proposal I don't think we've ever seen a season of The Bachelor where it could legitimately go either way and one where the Bachelor was so conflicted. When Sean said good bye to Lindsay it was so heartbreaking. You could tell how genuinely sorry he was for breaking this girl's heart. She had no doubt in her mind that Sean would be proposing and although I know she must have been shocked, she handled herself with poise and grace. As devastated as she was, she was happy for Sean that he found what he was looking for. That didn't make it easier for her though, and what made it even harder I'm sure was that Sean told her that there was nothing wrong with her or their relationship and that he really loved her, he was just more in love with Catherine. I have to say, I really thought Sean should pick Lindsay, based on their shared values and how well they both fit in to each others families, I think they would have made it. That being said, you can tell that Sean is really in love with Catherine.

3. Catherine and the Proposal: First things first, I knew that letter was going to be from Catherine and I knew it wouldn't be a Dear John letter. She's been writing Sean notes this whole season and it completely makes sense that she would want one last final letter to express herself to her future husband. The proposal was very sincere, the reaction of both of them seemed so real. Sean's crying and Catherine's near paralyzing relief as she realized he was getting down on one knee was a special moment to witness. Once it was all said and done and they were riding off on their elephant you could see the relief and the pure joy of their engagement. Despite thinking that Lindsay was the one for Sean, I really think he and Catherine have something special.

4. You know they're serious when they agree to have their wedding televised! If The Bachelor is producing this thing, it's going to happen and it sounds like it's happening soon! Wonder why this born again virgin and his new fiance are so eager to tie the knot (wink wink)? Also, the one weird thing in the After the Final Rose show was when Chris asked if Catherine was moving to Dallas and the question was dodged by Sean when he said "her bags are packed and whatever happens we're doing it together" makes me think they are both moving and wont be settling in Dallas.

5. Who called it? I did! Des is the new Bachelorette!

Great season of The Bachelor! I don't know what to do with myself now that it's over, I guess we'll start the count down to Sean and Catherine's wedding and the start of The Bachelorette this summer!

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