Here's what I think: The Bachelor Final Two

No question, Sean has two great girls! These girls are so similar to each other in the things that mean the most to Sean and he'll be lucky to have either one as his wife. I think it will come down to who he feels the most connection with so let's take a look at how these relationships have developed over the past several weeks through pictures (click images to make bigger)!

First meetings and Cocktail parties

First dates
Kissy faces

Hometown dates

Making connections with the final two.

Lindsay is still my favorite for Sean, I think that if he picks her they have a good shot at making it. They are both on the same page and not only have that best friend relationship but also obviously have passion since they can't stop kissing all the time!

However, I think Catherine has a really good shot at this. If you look at the way Sean looks at her and their body language together, it's pretty clear he's "crazy about her".

Can't wait for next week! Looking forward to these ladies meeting Sean's family and winning over his doubtful mother! One more week Bachelor friends!

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