Here's what I think: The Bachelor Week 6

Another fantastic week of Bachelor drama, let's dish! This week Sean took the six remaining girls to St. Croix where he had THREE one-on-one dates and one smaller group date. The only rose up for grabs before the rose ceremony was given on the group date, so it was no surprise that he packed it full of front runners (Lindsay, Des and Catherine).

This posture doesn't scream "In love" to me
The first one-on-one went to AshLee. I just really don't like her. The only good thing that came from this date was that Sean asked her about Tierra and AshLee told him the truth. He really trusts AshLee so she was probably the perfect person to talk some sense in to him about Tierra. We also learned from this date that AshLee has previously been married. As part of her rebellious teenage years, she married her high school boyfriend at the age of 17 and was divorced just one year later. I don't think this is a huge deal, and neither did Sean, but by the way AshLee told the story you would think she had murdered a puppy she was so worried about Sean's reaction. This is probably the main reason that I don't like AshLee. I've said it before she is SO SERIOUS. And then when she's trying to be fun and carefree it seems really forced, like when she jumped up on her chair and yelled "I love Sean!"
But AshLee screamed it anyway.
It would have seemed a lot more carefree if she had just hopped up and done it. Instead, she climbed up on the chair, prepared herself, asked Sean if he was "ready" and then made her declaration. I don't know, I think Sean really likes her but she doesn't seem to fit as well with him as some of the other girls do.

Second one-on-one date goes to... Tierra! Finally, she get's her one-on-one time with Sean. Oh wait, she's been forcing herself on him this whole time and has probably had more one-on-one time with him than anyone at this point, but at least he invited her this time! They had a fun date checking out the city and shopping in the streets, but Tierra wasn't loving it. This date was an excellent example of how fake she is. When she got the date card it was clear they weren't doing what she wanted to be doing. She said she loves being on the water so she thought he would have taken her out on a boat, and that she didn't think being hot and bitten by bugs sounded like a good time to her. Then when they were on the date, she seemed to be making the most of it and playing the fun loving girlfriend for Sean, but when she was in her interviews with the camera she was complaining about being hot. Boo-freaking-hoo. Sean wanted to bring up the drama with the girls and kind of set things straight, especially after his chat with AshLee, and he did so in a very smooth way I thought. He made it about her and how she was doing since he "knows it's so hard for her in the house". Genius, but Tierra didn't fall for it, she totally knew that the girls were talking about her to him and this put her on edge and then she blamed him for them having a disconnect on their date. More on how this unfolds later.

Front runners on the group date
Group date - obviously he picked a few of the front runners for this date because he knew he would be giving a rose out. I think he knew he was going to give roses to all of these girls so it didn't really matter which one he picked during the date. (He gave the rose to Lindsay)This date was one of my favorites so far because it was just so normal, like they were on a real vacation. Woke up early in the morning (Sean's so funny, he wanted to see them without make up so he woke them up without warning and took pictures of them!) watched the sun rise and then spent the day traveling across the island so they could watch the sun set. It's pretty clear that all of the girls on this date have great connections with him. One stand out from this date was Catherine's story about her father. Holy cow, this poor girl has been through so much! Earlier in the season we heard the story about how a camp-mate of hers when she was at summer camp as a kid was killed by a falling tree right before her eyes, now we learn that her father attempted suicide in front of her and her siblings. She is one strong lady, seriously how does this stuff happen to her!

Finally, the last one-on-one went to Lesley. I was super bummed. I had her pegged for a front runner but after seeing this date, it was pretty clear that she wasn't getting a rose. Sean said he really liked her and that they had a good start but that they weren't to the place they should be in their relationship yet, it was moving too slowly. I think Lesley knew this was the case, because she knew she should tell him that she was falling in love with him but in the end she just couldn't do it. It never felt right, which says a lot.

Tierra crying again.
Before the cocktail party, Sean brought his sister to the island to give him some advice. Really, he needed to figure out what to do about Tierra. He was still torn and needed his sister to smack the crazy out of him so he could see Tierra for what she really is. When he went to the house to get Tierra so his sister could meet her, he walked in to the aftermath of a blowout between AshLee and Tierra (my favorite part of the fight was when Tierra said that she has a "sparkle" that she's not going to let the other girls crush.... oh and when she said she can't control her eyebrow - hilarious). Anyway, Tierra is on her cot crying and Sean can obviously see that this is just how she is, a total drama queen. After a few moments, he has a moment of clarity and realizes she's not the one for him and asks her to go home. The best part of this is that the producers didn't tell the other girls so they had no idea where she had gone off to!

Sean fills them in at the cocktail party but declares that he's already made up his mind and there wont be a full party that night, just a rose ceremony. In the end he sends Lesley home, which wasn't a huge shocker after they fizzled at their date. However, I am very disappointed because I'm tired of AshLee. I think with all the obvious crazies gone, AshLee is emerging as the new lead crazy of the group. AshLee's crazy isn't as flashy as Tierra's or Amanda's was, but her's is more deep rooted. She's the desperate-afraid-of-abandonment-I'm-gonna-hold-on-to-this-man-with-everything-I-have crazy. At least that's my opinion.

Next week is where it starts to get really good. I love this part of the show when all that's left are the girls who have a real fighting chance and watching as each of these relationships grow. One positive thing we learned from the previews is that what appeared to be Des' ex-boyfriend showing up on the home town date is actually her crazy-ass brother. That should be entertaining. I think that there might be too much difference in the family dynamics between Des' family and Sean's that this might be her down fall but we'll see.

My official prediction is that it will come down to Lindsay and Catherine, those are the two girls who seem like the best fit for him and honestly, as long as it's one of them I don't really care which one wins. Let the finals begin!

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