Here's what I think: Oscars fashion speculation

InStyle posted this on facebook and I can't control my compulsion to speculate! According to Zac Posen, we'll see these dresses on the Oscars red carpet.

 So, who will be wearing these beautiful gowns? Here are my guesses!

1. Naomi Watts, although I don't think she'll do this color since she previously wore the same shade, maybe we'll see this in a navy on her?
2. Kelly Osbourne, Kelly will be there for E!'s red carpet coverage and it's no secret she's a fan of Posen's work, this dress would look so pretty with her coloring and lilac hair. She did however have a matchy matchy moment earlier in the award season so we'll see.
3. This is pretty simple so I'm leaning toward Stacey Keibler who may attend on the arm of George Clooney in support of Argo.
4. This dress would look amazing on Amanda Seyfried, and it wouldn't be her first Zac Posen carpet look. This color would offset her light skin beautifully, I only hope that she does something different with her hair, I'd like to seen it pulled up in a romantic updo like this one worn by Lauren Conrad.

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