Here's what I think: Grammy's Hottness

Last night was Grammy night! I love the Grammy's because typically, the stars take a lot more fashion risks for this particular show so it's exciting to see what everyone is wearing! CBS tried to put the kibosh on that this year, thankfully unsuccessfully! I'm not really sure what's so wrong with showing the curvature or your breast, or your "puffy skin" which I think was supposed to mean cleavage? But, the stars were having none of it. Sure, they tried to play closer to the rules but basically they're gonna wear what they want to wear and that's just fine by me! The only rule that I think was taken more seriously was not showing nipples, which is good because no one really wants to see that!

My best dressed of the night was Justin Timberlake, rocking his suit and tie with that amazing print! Justin also delivered on his first Grammy performance in four years! So glad this guy is back in music!

As for the ladies, my pick for best dressed of the night goes to Rhianna. She looked so beautiful in all of the outfits she wore but this red dress and the long waves is gorgeous on her. On TV you couldn't tell that this dress was sheer so at first I thought it was pretty safe, especially for Rhianna who takes such risks with her fashion, but in photographs you can see the sheer portions, which I think makes this even prettier.

Another look I loved last night was Florence Welch. I normally don't like her fashion choices, but this emerald gown with spikes really says Grammy's to me and it looks so good with her hair. I was blown away. I could have done without all the matchy matchy though. Yes, emerald is the color of the year, but do you really need a purse and shoes in the exact same shade as the dress? Probably not. It would have looked pretty with gold or silver accents. Katy Perry also rocked the green last night and looked flawless, she said she was channeling Priscilla Presley and she pulled it out!

You could argue that Katy's cleavage was pushing the rules, but it's nothing on Kelly Rowland who stunned in this amazing cut out dress. Her body is hot hot hot, if I looked like that I'd want to show it off too. There were lots of jokes about how the memo was in response to some risque ensembles worn over the years, especially, JLo's plunging Versache gown several years ago. JLo "played it safe" for her in this high slit, one shoulder that shows off her safer assets!
A couple more looks that I liked last night, while they weren't that exciting, I still thought they deserved a mention! Beyonce's pant suit, love it. I like that the legs are tight fitting, so often pant suits have wide legs which I don't ever find flattering. And finally, Taylor, looking pretty in white and gold. I love the gold details on this dress. I don't love her hair here (although I've heard lots of good comments about it from others) I thought she looked better after her performance when she left it down. And she was seriously having a good time at the show. Every time the camera caught her she was dancing and singing like she was at a rock concert!
It was a successful fashion night at the Grammy's despite the drama surrounding the dress code. And to be honest, I think this dress code issue just brought pretty mild displays of breasts in to the spot light more than anyone would have noticed if the memo had never been issued.

One last note, the Grammy's are all about performances and totally didn't disappoint last night! My favorites were Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars/Sting/Rhianna/The Marleys, and Maroon 5 with Alicia Keys (seriously, Alicia Keys and Adam Levine sound so amazing together), also Kelly Clarkson was fantastic!

Another red carpet down! Here we come Oscars!

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