Here's what I think: Bachelor Sean Week 4

I was running a little behind this week so I missed the very beginning of the episode while I did the end of my own work out, so I'm guessing I missed the shots of Sean shirtless and running on the treadmill or lifting weights. Drat! But I came in just in time to see Selma get the first date card! How cute was she, all giddy to get ready for her first date! So with that let's jump in to talking about the dates.

Selma - Like I said, it was so cute that she was so excited. She's so tiny and pretty and even though she's so small she's got huge knockers. Sorry, I had to mention them they were very present during the date. Sean's been kind of trixy with dates this season, making girls believe they're doing one thing and then changing it up on them. He did this with Lesley M too, and played the practical joke on Des. I think he does that with girls he's in to and is trying to test them to see if they roll with the punches or freak out. So, it was pretty obvious that the producers told Selma to dress for an athletic date but she definitely didn't expect to have to climb up that rock! Even though she's afraid of heights (big surprise, aren't they always?) she toughed it out and hauled ass up that rock face! I really like the dynamic between Selma and Sean, they already seemed like a couple that have been together for a while. I thought it was sweet that she calls him babe and baby already, and also smart because it probably makes him feel like her boyfriend in those moments. Overall, great date, great connection, and Sean even said that he could see himself falling in love with her. Good signs for Selma! I wonder how long the no kissing rule will last, or if the producers will let them have a couple private moments off camera so they can smooch without it being on screen. I just can't imagine that they'll get all the way to the end or to home town dates without ever having kissed, but we'll see I guess.

Group date - Whoa, roller derby was a bad idea! But it did knock Amanda out for a while which was kind of nice. Glad we got to see more of Sean and Lindsay's alone time. I still think she's going far so it's good to see that they are getting time together. The big drama of the night was Tierra. Honestly, I don't even want to talk about her but I'll give a little recap for you. Tierra felt jilted by Robin, and decided to take that opportunity to throw a hissy fit. The "incident" with Robin was really nothing (at least they didn't show much of it and I have no idea how Jackie was involved - later Tierra apologizes to both of them but I never saw Jackie get involved so this must have been something that was cut out in editing). Tierra gets herself all upset and pretends that she's upset enough with the drama in the house that she'll leave. She clearly was never going to leave, she just needed another way to force Sean to pay attention to her. Sadly, Sean still thinks she's a sweetie and wants her stay around so he gave her the rose.

Leslie H - So awkward. You could tell from the very start of this that they weren't clicking. If she said "Holy Moly" one more time I was going to switch the channel until the date was over. Sean was 100% right to send her home, she's lovely and smart and all that but you can tell by their body language that there was absolutely no spark there. And I'd like to take this moment to brag on myself and how I predicted this would happen. Told you so!

On to the cocktail party preceding the rose ceremony! Three things to note here:
1. Stupid Tierra! I'm liking her less and less, she's crazy fake and if I were Sean her "preparing" him for girls saying bad things about her would have been a red flag. The leads on this show should know that if a girl (or guy) can't get along with everyone else, there is a reason and they're usually crazy. Hopefully, her hypothermia or whatever happens to her next week knocks her out for good. So. Tired. Of. Her.
2. I can't get a read on Robin, she's totally a nerd which I like, but I don't think he's that in to her.... maybe she'll get a on-on-one soon and we can see what's happening there.
3. We didn't get to see much of Des or Lesley this week, hopefully we get more of them next week!

Leading ladies - No changes here, although I'm now putting Selma solidly in the front runner group! So here we have Selma, Lindsay, Des, Lesley and AshLee. (Also, Catherine was pretty cute last night too)

Farewell - Leslie H. and Amanda. I'm so happy Amanda is gone, I really thought Sean liked her there for a while, big sigh of relief. Now the only true crazy left is Tierra!

Look at this face and tell me she isn't crazy.

Final thoughts, does anyone else think Sean loves everyone! It's impossible to tell which of the front runners he likes the most because every time he's near them he says he's crazy about them or he loves something about them. I've never heard a bachelor use the word love so much in a season. I think he'll have us guessing until the end!

Next week we get two nights of Bachelor drama and I can't wait, I'm planning to blog twice next week, one for each episode so tune in for my take on all things Bachelor!

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