Here's what I think: SAG Awards Fashion Review

Awards season is marching on and the stars keep pulling out all the stops to look their best! Last night at the SAG-AFTRA awards we celebrated the actors of television and film. This award is special because the awards are given based on the votes of members of the screen actors guild, the actors themselves. What's also great about this show is that because it strictly celebrates acting, it's pretty short and sweet, it's just a fun party for the actors where they happen to pat each other on the back for their amazing work this year!

Visions in black... and blue!

Black and blue were definitely a hot trend on the red carpet last night and these ladies brought their A-game. There was so much of the trend that you'd think it was listed as dress code on the invite! I've never seen Tina Fey look so good on the red carpet, and I'm obsessed with her belt on this dress! Amy Poehler looked stunning in this fitted black number, much better than the suit jacket and capris that she wore to the Globes! Jennifer Lawrence is always one to watch this season and didn't disappoint in this tiered gown. Amanda Seyfried's dress is beautiful, I just wish she was more polished in interviews. And Nicole Kidman looked absolutely gorgeous in this black and blue, though I wish it was a little longer to cover her toes.

Stand outs in color!

I'm obsessed with this dress that Nina Dobrev wore (see below for closer look), the cut, color and cut-outs are all perfect! Jessica Chastain stepped it up in this bombshell red and deep side part. Red hair with red dress on red carpet suits her well, much better than the look from the Globes. As for Alexis Bledel don't judge me, I picked this for the color which is beautiful and if this dress fit her better I think it would be amazing. As it is it's a little loose in the wrong places and doesn't completey flatter her usually tiny frame. But the color is hot.

Worst of the night!
I really hate this, sorry Anne but non of it works for me. I hate the length (both lengths), I hate the cut of the top, I hate the shoes and I hate the hair. One thing going for her is her always flawless face. She really knows how to wear make up and her face looks beautiful.

That wraps it up for my SAG Awards fashion review! And we're one month away from the Oscars! The count down is on!

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