Here's what I think: iPhone Closet Ap - My new favorite thing

Behold! My new favorite thing! I found this app while trolling around on Pinterest and tucked it away on my Style board for future exploration. Since February is fast approaching, I decided I would test this app out to plan my 14 Days of Pink wardrobe. Every year for the past ten years I have worn pink for the first 14 days of February, and with the help of this app I already have every single outfit planned (and no repeats)!

App details
Name: Closet - Clothing Organized by Volygon Inc
Cost: $2.99
Closet is a clothing organization/planning application. It allows you to organize your clothing items, create outfits, plan them for certain days, and view them in beautiful full screen mode. All wherever you go at your finger tips.
*Note - this app will be undergoing some upgrades soon based on 3 years of customer feedback - so it will be even better than ever shortly!

Here's how it works:
Click on the items button, pick a category (tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.), click the add button and photograph your clothing items! It keeps the pictures of all your closet items categorized for you (and let's you add categories, for example I added "scarves", "jackets", and "cardigans"). Click on the outfits button to pair your pieces to create cute outfits that you can save and remember later! Click on the calendar button and plan what outfits you want to wear on certain dates!

I started with only my pink items (plus pants, jackets and accessories that I can wear with those pink items) to see how I liked using this app to plan outfits. Now, I'm TOTALLY HOOKED! Completely worth the $2.99 that I paid for it, I'll use this all the time! I'll definitely be photographing the rest of my wardrobe shortly so that I can plan outfits all the time!

This is the perfect app for me, combining my love (obsession) with organizing and my passion for fashion!

Highly recommend this app!

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