Here's what I think: Idol's Karen - You are so not J.Lo!

It's time for a new installment on What Heather Thinks about American Idol!

Let's take a moment and talk about Karen, shall we? Who does she think she is? And what in the sam-hill was she wearing on Wednesday? Hate to break it to you little one but you are not the diva that J.Lo is! While she does sing in spanish better than english, every time I see her I think she is trying to be like Jennifer Lopez, like last week with the Selena performance and this week with her overall appearance.

The sad thing is, if Jennifer Lopez wore what Karen wore last night, she would look stunning! Which brings be to the second part of my American Idol commentary of the week. Jennifer Lopez is so gorgeous! I think I'm developing a small girl crush on her because I can't take my eyes off her. She always looks so amazing! If not for her judging skills, her fashion and glamour has me tuned in every week!

Back to the real importance of this post, my American Idol pool! I have come to terms with being wrong last week about Naima and she's okay to stay until the week that I had Ashton leaving in my pool because I'm losing points no matter what! Since Karen went this week as long as Haley and Naima go in the next two weeks I'll be back on track and in it to win it!

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