Here's what I think: American Idol is a source of contention in my home!

If you have been following me the last few weeks, you should know that I have entered in to an American Idol pool at work. In this pool I have chosen who will get kicked off every week (no changing my mind!), I'm fairly confident in  my choices though admittedly I have  misjudged a few of the contenders. For example, I expected Naima to get kicked off first and I have James Durbin in 5th place. If it were possible I would amend that and James would at least be in the top four if not top three.

This pool is just for fun, but I've told my family about it and every week my sister comes to watch American Idol with me. She is flat out anti-me and my choices when it comes to who I think will go far in Idol and tells me every week how very wrong I am. PS - I've picked the bottom three every week, just saying. Our discussions are becoming more and more heated as we inform one another that the other is absolutely on crack if they think "so and so" is going to make it in the top five, etc. etc.

Let me just say, I'm not budging! While I do think I've made a few bad calls in my overall line up of the season, where would I be without my confidence? I have to believe in my instincts and I'm sticking with them! With that said, let's talk a little about Idol last night.

Everyone did an okay or great job. A few disappointments: Scotty, very very weird. Not much else to say about that, just weird. Casey and Paul, I thought you would make it pretty far but I'm a little bored of you both already. Pia, you are my favorite girl and while I feel guilty for not picking you to win I still love you but you need to get a personality. You are currently stuck in the pageanty blandness that could be your downfall. You are a gorgeous girl with a stellar voice, now show us who you are and stop being so "eh" in the personality department.

I wont be able to watch tonight, but I'll be checking later on to see who's (probably Haley) is taking the long road home!

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