Here's what I think: Feathery Fashion

One of my favorite fashion trends right now is feathers! I recently made a feather party dress to wear to the annual Ames Charity Prom and ever since I've had a heightened awareness of feathers in fashion. I wanted to share some fun feathery fashions and show you how you can incorporate feathers in to your every day wardrobe!

Feathers on the runway:

Feathers on the red carpet:

Feathery Party dresses:

Everyday Feather-wear:
 Feather embellished tshirt, earrings, headband and hair extensions!

But let's try not to go this far with feathers:

And just for fun, here is a picture of the dress that I made for the Fourth Annual Ames Charity Prom: Prom Gone Wild, which raised money for American Cancer Society!

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  1. Did anyone else notice Lauren Alaina's feather extensions on Idol last night? I WANT them!!


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