Here's what I think: American Idol the Remix

The Top 13 American Idol contestants kicked off the "real" part of the season with a bang last night. While I said I might not watch the show without Simon, I have to admit the new remixed version of American Idol feels like a fresh start for the 10 year old Fox hit.

I've long said that I should bet on shows like this because I have a knack for picking the winners and this year I got my wish because my office does an American Idol pool and I have elected to participate. But alas, now that I'm actually betting on the outcome I feel pressure like I've never had in past seasons. This pressure makes me almost livid watching the performance show because I know what order I think the contestants will leave in and when someone I expected to make it far in the season performs less than exemplary I find myself squirming. It probably doesn't help that I've told everyone in my office to watch out because I'm totally winning this pool, darn my highly competitive nature and confidence.

One of the contests that I have picked to, well let's be honest - win, is Lauren Alaina. Last week the judges compared her to a combination between Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood - two of the most successful Idols ever. Kelly Clarkson herself compared Lauren to Kelly Pickler, so obviously this girl has got talent! Imagine my horror when the person I picked to win the whole season performed "Any Man of Mine" by Shania Twain. Seriously? First of all that song is not good. It was popular back when it came out because it was the first really country/pop cross over kind of song, but in all reality it is not a good song and no one who has ever attempted to sing it on Idol has done it well. I believe that was the point Lauren was trying to make, no one ever does sing that song well and she thought she could, unfortunately it wasn't up to the standard that we already expect from her. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't worried that she would be booted from the show already but I'm hoping that in the weeks to come she knocks it out of the park and stays on top. I'd like to hear her sing something like "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson/Reba McEntire - that song would fit her much better!

On the other end of the spectrum, I have already failed in my pool. I predicted that Naima Adedapo would be leaving us tonight. Her performance last week was underwhelming. I sort of pigeon holed her in that jazzy, put me to sleep kind of genre. Little did I know that she would rock my face off with her redition of Rhianna's "Umbrella." Don't you argue with me, her performance was pretty kick ass. I know her notes weren't always spot on, and I think she learned a valuable lesson that when you're dancing your a off it's kind of hard to sing. But this is exactly where I think she should be as an artist. The back drop scenery was great - loved the lightning, I was impressed by her dance moves and the little reggae flavor. Hands down the biggest surprise (and upset on my part) of the whole evening. Looks like at least for this week I was wrong. 

One last note from this week - how great is Scotty McCreerey? Any song he sings sounds like it could be on country radio this second. Although, I'm not gonna lie, when they said he was singing Garth Brooks my first thought went to "Thunder Rolls." That would have been bitchen, I totally pictured a stormy, rolling cloud back drop and some lightning action... and then I got it with Naima! I felt like Idol and I shared a brain for a moment.

It looks like it's going to be a long season for me, I'm counting on my top picks to rake in some high scoring points in the end!

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  1. I'm not in your official pool, but let me put this here in cyberspace for the record: James Durbin will win. I have picked the winner or runner-up of every Idol season since I started watching the show five seasons ago. This year it's all Durbin.


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