Here's what I think: Oscar Fashion Wrap Up

Last night at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, the stars were out in the finest. There were so many good red carpet gown choices that it was hard to think of any for the "worst" list! Here is a recap of some of the highs and lows of the evening.

My Favorites:
Mila Kunis: I love this color with her skin tone. The cut of the dress fits her body perfectly and her accessorizing is impeccable. When I first saw it I wasn't sold on it, it took me a little while looking at this because of the sheer portions and the lace coming up over her chest, but as an overall look I think she looks flawless!

Cate Blanchett: This is my favorite overall look of the night. I am a little in love with this dress. I love how she so effortlessly pulls off fashion risks like this. The color and fit are perfect and I love the top part of this dress with the peep hole center and all of the beading. Her hair and accessories are perfectly simple to go with this complex fashion statement.

Amy Adams: I really love this dress. The color and the silhouette are gorgeous on her small frame. What I don't love about this is the necklace and the hair. While her hair looks nice, with a high neckline like this I would have preferred to see it pulled back in an elegant up-do. I think the way the necklace lays over the dress is not very flattering, I would have gone with either no necklace and rocked just the bracelet or done a bolder and bigger necklace that came just around the collar of the dress. Her make up was beautiful and the dress alone is stunning.

My Least Favorite:
Helena Bonham-Carter: I don't want to even talk about this. I respect that she is an actress and cares more about her craft than her fashion sense, so I have eliminated her from the running of wort dressed. Because honestly, if she were in the running, this is hands down the worst of the night.

Scarlet Johansson: I don't like anything about this. I have heard some positive feedback on this dress and it confuses me. Her overall appearance is, like her hair, a total mess. The back of this dress was very beautiful, I like the cut out  to show off the back. I'm not crazy about the color, I'm confused as to whether it is sheer or not, and I really hate that she didn't put some cover up on that tattoo. As an overall look this was my least favorite of the night.

Nicole Kidman: Very sad. She is so gorgeous. Her hair, makeup and the shoes are lovely, but this dress does nothing for her figure. She has a very tall and thin, super-model-ish figure and the way the structure of this dress hits at her hips it made her waist and hips look much larger than they are. I'm also not crazy about the detailing on the front.

And with that, the awards season - and red carpet fashion season - comes to an end.

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