Here's what I think: I'm pretty sure I could work in IT

Maybe I don't have major IT problems at my place of work, but it seems like the conclusions that IT services make are completely non-technical. It makes me think that anyone off the street could give me advice regarding my tech issues.

My computer is running slow. Did you try turning it off and back on? My email lost all of my saved messages. Did you shut off the email service and restart it? Oh you did? Try turning the computer off and back on again. The printer is printing random things in bulk that no one asked for! Here, I'll unplug it and plug it back in, maybe that will help.

Really? I thought you had to specialize in IT, but apparently all it takes to fix your tech problems is unplugging or turning off the thing that wont work.

Just kidding, I really do appreciate my IT coworkers, I mean it cant be easy when the quality of information given to them is lacking technical insight. I mean seriously, you can't figure out what the problem is when I say "something" is wrong with my computer. Come on it must be obvious, of all the number of things that could be wrong with my computer why can't you figure it out from my detailed description of "something".

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