Here's what I think: Kristen Wiig

Saturday Night Live is in a bit of a down swing if you ask me, I usually don't watch SNL on Saturday nights, and let's be honest it usually because I'm sleeping. Yeah. But there have been a few hosts recently that I really wanted to see so I used my trusty Hulu to watch at a more reasonable hour. Yes, 10:30 is late, even on a Saturday for me.

I can't help but notice that the skits are cute, mildly funny, but only on the occasions when Kristen Wiig is involved (even peripherally) does hilarity ensue. The first remembrance I have of Kristen Wiig is her small role in Knocked Up. Her uncomfortable commentary and the way she delivered lines made for a memorable two scene performance.

Her impressions are spot on and her original characters crack me up, here's hopeing SNL holds on to her for as long as they can before she gets snatched up by a sitcom, because let's face it, they really need her. Kristen Wiig is hosting an SNL holiday special this Thursday on NBC.

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