Here's what I think: It's never too early for the Holiday Spirit

It's the time of year when the holiday spirit is creeping up on us and we hear debates about whether it's too early to display signs of Christmas cheer. Sure, we haven't even enjoyed Thanksgiving yet, but really can anyone say that Christmas cheer is unwelcome any time of the year? I encourage the kind of joyful spirit that Christmastime brings all year round! If only I could justify having my holiday decorations up all year too.

I consider the Holiday decorating season to begin October 1st with Halloween decorations, continuing to general fall decor and progressing into all out Christmas wonderland, typically the day after Thanksgiving. Each year it gets a little harder for me to hold off on creating my own personal wonderland, and why should we wait. Holiday decorations are meant to brighten our spirits and fill our homes with love and joy, there shouldn't be a time frame on love and joy should there be?

If you really think about it, Thanksgiving is a much less commercial holiday than Christmas. I mean what is there to market for Thanksgiving but food and table settings. And would it make Christmas any less special if some of our decorations spilled over and helped Thanksgiving feel more festive?

And let's be honest, some people do not posses that proper Holiday spirit. I call them Scrooge's, Bahumbugs or Angry Elves. Maybe if we cheerful Christmas elf-life people spill our good cheer over them they can benefit from some holiday joy!

So let's break out the N'Sync Christmas CD, light some sugar cookie scented candles, and follow the example of Buddy the Elf who said "The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear." I don't think this quote has to be taken in a literal sense, just in being filled with Christmas cheer for all to see and to help bring joy to everyone around us!

I know it's still early in the season but better to be overflowing with cheer than empty of it! We can save the full on Christmas tree trimming, decking the halls and eggnog toasts for after the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Holidays!

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