Here's what I think: Kanye West is a Douche

If you haven't seen it yet, Kanye West has yet again proven that he is in fact a huge douche bag. I typically do not concern myself with the happenings of Kanye West, I've always been aware of his douchey ways and have been perfectly happy to ignore his existence. However, when he attacks my sweet and lovable Taylor Swift, I feel the need publicly declare my distaste for all things Kanye West.

In case you've been living in a box today, last night at the MTV VMA awards, Taylor Swift won Best Female Video. This is an accomplishment as she is a country artist and was recognized by MTV. Needless to say she was honored, but just as she was accepting her award Kanye rushed up the stage and took her microphone to add his own commentary, completely interrupting her acceptance speech and frankly embarrassing her by suggesting that she didn't deserve the award. In Kanye's opinion Beyonce was more deserving and he wanted to let everyone know.

I believe his words were something to the effect of "Beyonce had one of the top videos of all time" he was referring to the Single Ladies video which in my opinion is overstating a little. Top videos of ALL time? Seriously? ALL time? Maybe one of the most popular videos of the year, obviously because later that night Beyonce did win for Best Video of the Year, but pretty sure Single Ladies can't beat out some of the best videos of ALL time!

I'm not the biggest fan of Beyonce either, but to her credit she was completely appalled by Kanye's outburst, when her moment did come and she won for Best Video of the Year, she graciously invited Taylor Swift on stage to complete her interrupted speech.

Kanye needs to start thinking before acting, why is it that he always performs some kind of tactless act publicly- oh yeah because he's generally just a tooley douche.

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