Here's what I think: Three Reasons I Would Move to Chicago, and Three Reasons I Wouldn't

This Labor Day weekend I made my maiden voyage to Chicago. Though I have lived in Iowa my whole life and Chicago is a mere six hour drive away, I had never visited the Windy City. Even when my best friend from high school moved there after college I had a hard time finding time to make the trip. While pondering my New Year's resolutions this year I decided that it is totally unacceptable that I live so near this large city and have never visited it, so I resolved to go this year.

I knew that I would love visiting the city, there is so much to do and see and I knew that my short (not even) three day visit would be jam packed!

I compiled a list of three reasons I would move to the Windy City, this list is based solely on the City itself and leaves all other things (i.e. family, career, money) aside.

1. CULTURE- I found it hard to fit everything I wanted to do an see into just Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday morning and afternoon, even so, I visited Shedd Aquarium, the Museum of Science and Industry, Navy Pier, the Field Museum, walked up and down Michigan Avenue, down Lake Shore Drive along Lake Michigan, and through Grant Park. There is so much to do I don't think I'd ever get bored, and it's a great city for fun dates!

2. SHOPPING- Though I didn't do any major shopping, I was able to walk through North Michigan Avenue and wish that I could shop at the amazing stores! Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany & Co. and countless other designer stores would make for a very expensive shopping hobby (but remember we're not counting expense in this list)!

3. PROXIMITY- There is so much to do in a reasonably small range, I was able to walk to almost all of the places I went. I love being able to walk places if the weather is nice!

And three reasons I wouldn't move to Chicago.

1. TRAFFIC- Ridiculous! It's not so much the amount of traffic as the general rudeness of the drivers. Those drivers are maniacs and seriously honking isn't helping the situation in the least! I was lucky not to have to ride in a cab, but if I had I might have soiled myself with the way those crazy cabbies cut people off!

2. CRIME/HOMELESSNESS- I was lucky not to encounter any major criminal activity during my visit, and it may just be my small(er) town nature but I was pretty much on constant alert for criminals that might mug me or pick my pockets. I did encounter a few homeless people and I think I'm too sensitive a person because every one of them made me a little sad and I wished I could help them all! Only once though did I get attacked by a homeless crap peddler, a man approached us on the street and handed my boyfriend a local news paper. Then proceeded to follow us down the street complimenting us on what a nice couple we were until I was forced to give him money. After that we learned that if a homeless person tries to hand you something on the street, politely hand it back to them and say "No thank you."

3. WEATHER- Though I went in the summer and the weather was really nice, except for the humidity and fog over the lake, I can imagine why the winters are so cold and brisk. The city is right on the lake and if I think Iowa winter is cold, I can't imagine the kinds of wind chills they have in Chicago.

All in all, Chicago is amazing, I'm already planning my next visit. But I think I'd prefer visiting to actually living there, unless I could live in a nice house/town house on Lake Shore Drive facing the lake and have a pretty sail boat that I could take out on the weekends, that might be tempting!

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