Bachelor Blog: Whoa. (Week 6)

This was a rough week all around for The Bachelor. Not only were the women in rare form, but Nick was all up in his head which made him question the whole experience. Some major stuff went down this week, but we’ll get to all that. First, let’s pick up where we left off.

At the end of last week, Corrine had “won” the two-on-one date against Taylor and was happily enjoying dinner with Nick until Taylor decided that she wasn’t going quietly and came back to tell Nick what was up. According to Chris Harrison, this was the most epic two-on-one in Bachelor history… I disagree. It wasn’t that surprising or epic. Have we forgotten about Olivia? Or Chad?

Taylor came in and called Corrine a liar, then she went on to tell Nick that he was being manipulated by Corrine. She didn’t do a great job of expressing what probably really needed to be said and it just came off as jealous. Nick took it all in and told her that he has a high opinion of her but that he had to go with his heart and she wasn’t the one for him. So she left and Corrine stayed.

Farewell, shark girl.
Next, we jumped into a rose ceremony because Nick was sure of who he wanted to send home and the cocktail party was canceled. Going home were Jaimi, Josephine, and Alexis (bye Alexis, you were a delight). After the goodbyes, Nick announced that the remaining 9 girls and he would be jetting off to St. Thomas!

Is it just me or is this going really, really fast? Down to 9 already?! Where has the time gone?

St. Thomas One-on-One

Upon greeting the women in St. Thomas, Nick whisked Kristina away for the one-on-one this week. This date was really all about getting to know Kristina and her story is so heartbreaking. She was
born in Russia and lived with her mother until she was around 5 years old. Living with her mother, she had no food and remembers once eating lipstick to survive. Her mother cast her out to an orphanage and later died. Kristina spent around 7 years at the orphanage and was adopted by her American parents when she was twelve. They have four biological children and four adopted children, and she has a half-sister still in Russia. She had a hard upbringing but she’s obviously matured very much through her experience. Nick really appreciated that she could open up and respects her even more. No surprise, she got the rose.

Love’s a Beach
Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corrine, Danielle M., Jasmine

This group date was intended to be fun and relaxed but completely backfired when all the women got wasted and emotional. Nick started to see that it was getting really hard for all of the women there to be involved in group dates and he started to psych himself out over everything. By everything I mean, women getting fed up with the process and bailing on him (i.e. Rachel and Vanessa), women falling in love with him and him not being in the same place, losing traction on relationships, forcing things because he really wants this to work out, seriously everything. Poor guy needs a pep talk from his amazing momma about now.

The most vocal of the group was Jasmine who was straight up livid that she didn’t get a one-on-one this week. Going into the week three women had not had one-on-ones yet (Kristina, Jasmine, and Whitney). Kristina got the one-on-one, Jasmine got a group date, and Whitney was pitted against Danielle L. in ANOTHER two-on-one. So it’s not like all the women except for Jasmine were getting everything they wanted either. But she could not handle it. She was the last to get pulled away by Nick for alone time and during that time she cried and told him that she didn’t think he was giving her a chance but that she was trying to be patient because she really liked him and saw a future with him. Then she lost her damn mind and told him she wanted to choke him but realized that was crazy so she tried to play it like a sexy game. Here’s how that conversation went down:

Jasmine: I just want to put you in a choky.
Nick (scared face)
Jasmine: Hasn’t anyone ever put you in a choky before?
Nick: No
Jasmine: Do you want me to right now?
Nick: No
Jasmine: We’ll save that for later, I can be the first woman to put you in a choky.
Nick: I think you should leave.

I’m paraphrasing here but that was the gist. So yeah, Nick let Jasmine go, and not just because she went crazy. He was not feeling a strong connection with her and hearing her say that she saw a future with him made him realize he didn’t see one with her.

They didn’t show it but I guess Raven got the date rose.

Danielle L. and Whitney

What is happening here???? Only just last week I had Danielle pegged to make it into the top 3. Now I’m all kinds of confused. Why would Nick put someone he has an established relationship with against someone he’s never spent a lot of alone time with? Very strange things happening here. Luckily he did realize early on in the date that his relationships with the two women were in very different places and he sent Whitney home.

When he told Whitney he was going to let her go she asked if he really thought that Danielle was ready for a relationship. This is the first time I had heard anyone say something negative about Danielle. At the time I thought it was sour grapes. But then we got to see the other women talking back at the house about how they didn’t think Danielle was right for Nick and that he’d realize it sooner or later. Were they all just jealous and insecure this week? Or is there really something about Danielle that we haven’t seen before?

Going into the one-on-one time with Danielle, Nick really wanted to recapture the spark of their relationship and get it back on track. How did it get off track? Just last week they were so cute? What happened? Am I the only one blindsided by this? I really think that Nick just got too much in his head and started questioning things that he should have left alone until he was in a better place. But unfortunately for Danielle, he also sent her home.

What the damn hell!

I think he should have just told her that he didn’t feel comfortable giving her the rose but that he didn’t want her to leave yet, then he could have collected himself before the next rose ceremony and made a decision then. I don’t think any woman in that situation, on that night, with Nick feeling the way he was feeling stood a chance.

Sad Nick.
So Nick went to the women’s hotel room to fill them in on the situation. They already knew that he sent both Danielle L. and Whitney home, not to mention Jasmine on the group date, which leaves him with just 6 women left before they even get to a rose ceremony (which in my opinion should be canceled at this point). Nick got very emotional and told them he is terrified that he’s not going to find his person by the end of this. Then he left.

Not great.

At this point, anything could happen. Effing Corrine could win the whole damn thing because she seems to be the only one that he’s not questioning, even though he should.

Here’s who is left at this point: Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corrine, Danielle M., Kristina

My revised top contenders (although who even knows anymore): Rachel, Vanessa, Raven, Danielle M.(?)

Sidebar: All of Nick’s tank top and shorts combos were AMAZING. That dude knows how to rock vacation-wear.

Until next week everyone!

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