Bachelor Blog: Let's Talk About The Bachelor (Week 7)

Heart to hearts with Chris Harrison.
Last week left us all a little confused, even Bachelor Nick himself. Luckily, this week there was a little more clarity on why Nick felt he needed to let Danielle L. go last week and true to his actions so far, Nick continued to follow his heart and make hard decisions this week as well.

When we left the women last time, they were in a bad place. Nick had just come in to tell them that he was questioning whether this process was going to work for him and as far as they knew he could very well up and quit. Luckily, that didn’t happen. Not that anyone really thought it would.

Nick had a nice heart-to-heart with the one-and-only Chris Harrison and realized that part of the reason he let Danielle go is because he felt like he was forcing a relationship with her, whereas he didn’t have to do that with the other women. His feels for the remaining six women were stronger than what he had with Danielle and even though he liked her a lot and wanted it to work with her, he couldn’t force it. Smart dude.

Once he realized he had freaked out everyone, he went back to the beach house and explained himself. Then he told the women it was time to put the past week behind them and move on to another island adventure on Bimini.

Let’s Go Deeper

Falling in love.
The first one-on-one of the week, and the first second one-on-one (that’s a confusing statement) went to Vanessa! For the first part of the date Vanessa and Nick just talked through everything that happened the previous week so they could work out their feelings and move on. They are a very mature couple. If he does end up with her at least we know they can communicate well.

Then they went snorkeling through an old shipwreck, and I found out that shipwrecks are among my husband’s greatest fears (good to know that after being together fifteen years there is still some mystery in our relationship).

Vanessa is not amused by Nick's lack of reciprocation.
On the evening portion of the date, Vanessa was itching to tell Nick that she is falling in love with him. They talked about hometown dates and how easy it is being together but after she told him she was falling for him, Vanessa got a little awkward. You see, Nick explained that he likes her a lot but he’s not going to tell any of the women that he loves them until the end. He’s done this a few times and he wants that moment to be special, like the first time being in love. I think that’s a good plan of action but Vanessa really expected him to reciprocate on the spot so she was thrown. She’s very confident in their relationship so she thought he would be way more excited to hear that she was falling in love.

If you ask me, and you’re reading my blog so you technically did, I think she overreacted and needs to be more understanding of the situation that Nick is in. Every time something happens she internalizes it and starts to question things. She just needs to trust Nick more because every time she starts to freak he calms her down.

Let’s Jump In With Both Feet First
Corrine, Kristina, Raven

Ah, the last group date of the season. Also known as the three-on-one, and always super awkward. I actually really liked Corrine on this date. Weird right? It was the first time we got to see her feeling insecure and she seemed much more likeable and real. Poor girl had to sit there and watch while Nick rubbed sunscreen all over Kristina. Then they all went swimming with sharks and Kristina got spooked so Nick comforted her and left Corrine and Raven swimming with the deadly beasts.

Corrine, eating her feelings.
On the evening portion, it looked like Corrine was going to pass out from exhaustion. Must not have gotten her afternoon nap. I get it, swimming in the ocean and being in the sun all day can wear you out! Nick talked to Kristina first, then Raven and finally Corrine. All of the interactions went well. It seemed like he has solid chemistry with Kristina but his time with Raven seemed more natural and more focused on hometown dates.

Corrine left her one-on-one time feeling much better but was knocked down a peg when Raven got the only date rose of the week, guaranteeing her a hometown date.

Let’s Ride Into the Sunset
Danielle M. 

She's into him. He's just not that into her.
Danielle was so cute when she found out she was getting a date and things got off to a great start! Nick and Danielle rode bikes around Bimini and did some site seeing. They played basketball with some local kids and had some beers. The date seemed very relaxed and comfortable. There were a few moments where they struggled to converse, though.

On the evening portion, Nick realized that as much as he really likes Danielle and the friendship they have developed, he doesn’t see a romantic future with her. So sadly, Danielle had to leave. Unfortunately, because there was no rose on this date she hadn’t even packed her things, so she had to go back to the house, pack up and tell all the girls that she was leaving. They were surprised but at this point in the show one less girl is one less girl.

Sneaky, sneaky Corrine

After Danielle left, Corrine realized that it was basically down to her and Kristina and that if their date was any indication she was on the chopping block. So she took the opportunity to sneak over to Nick’s room and get some “alone” time. I know alone time doesn’t always mean sex, but in Corrine’s brain it definitely did. She couldn’t stop telling the audience about her “vagine” (so glad we’re past that part on the show so they can stop using it in promos) and that she’s got excellent sex skills.

Luckily, Nick is a smart guy and knew that if he had sex with Corrine it was going to majorly blow up in his face. Out of respect for his other relationships he told her they needed to slow things down, and that it wasn’t a good idea for her to be in his room but not to feel bad about it. Which was mortifying for Corrine. I’m not sure if she’s ever thrown herself at someone like that and been rejected. It took a toll on her.

Let’s Get a Taste of the Local Flavor

There’s really not a lot to say about this date. Nick took Rachel to a place that is famously tourist free on the island and they had drinks and chatted about what Nick could expect during the hometown, clearly Rachel is going to get a hometown. They talked about this earlier in the season too. I think Nick is pretty scared of Rachel’s dad. But then the date was over and she went back to the house and gushed to the other girls.

Cut to Nick having another chat with Chris Harrison.

Another one bites the dust. 
Nick knows who he needs to send home and he doesn’t want to wait until the rose ceremony, out of respect for her he doesn’t want to put her through getting all dolled up only to get her heart trampled on. So he went over to the house with all the women, and then, oh no. We found out he was going to let Kristina go. She could tell something was off when he came in and asked her to talk. She felt like he didn’t give their relationship a chance to grow, and he explained that he’s just further along in his relationships with the other women and it’s not fair to her. She deserves someone who is all in, just for her.

You would think that knowing Kristina is leaving would make Corrine relax a little but not so. She freaks the eff out. Nick is unpredictable and she knows that just because Kristina is leaving doesn’t mean she’s safe. Which technically is true. I’m not sure though, the show is trying pretty hard to make us think there is another cut before hometowns… I guess it could go either way. But regardless, Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa should all be safe.

And that’s where things left off. We’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens. But in a surprise twist, ABC announced (on Jimmy Kimmel) last night that Rachel will be the first ever black Bachelorette. Which is exciting, but uh hello??? She’s still on the show! So while she’ll make it to hometowns she’s either out next week or after fantasy suites. #spoiler

Apparently the early announcement was due to a couple factors. One: Reality Steve had already announced this weeks ago and it was leaking anyway. Two: Rachel needs to up her fan base before the launch of the season. Reportedly she has many fewer Instagram and Twitter followers than some of the other ladies this season and they want to make sure she has a solid fan base for when the show airs. Not to mention, the show is getting some good press for announcing their first black Bachelorette.

With that, I’ll leave you. Oh, wait, one last thought. Where the hell was Vanessa last night? After her one-on-one, she disappeared! All the girls were chatting between dates and she was nowhere to be found. Strange.

Until next week everyone!

P.S. Nick’s shorts game is still strong!

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