Golden Globes Red Carpet Review

I'm a little behind on my post for this one but I'm so excited to start the awards season fashion recap blogs! It's my second favorite time of year (behind the holiday season) and this year we get to stretch it out a little more because due to the Olympics The Oscars will not be held until March 2nd! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The 71st Annual Golden Globes was held Sunday night and the red carpet was over flowing with A-List stars from TV and film.

STAPLE ALERT - Red is the new black
I can't call red dresses on the red carpet a trend anymore because it seems they are becoming a staple among the stars. Red was definitely the biggest trend of the night with so many stars choosing the bold look. What I will call a trend among these is the two tone looks we see here which were my favorites among the red looks of the night, with the exception fo Lupita Nyong'o's caped dress which was completely flawless. SO MUCH RED!

TREND ALERT - Baby bumps
Okay so it's probably not feasible for everyone to adapt this trend to their looks but there were some seriously gorgeous bumps on the carpet! Olivia Wilde was my top choice for pregnant fashionista. She looks so good, even without her maternal accessory this would have been a top choice of the night!

MY FAVORITE - Margot Robbie
I haven't seen Wolf of Wallstreet so Margot wasn't really on my radar, but this look was by far my favorite of the night. The fit is perfect, the jeweled accent is to die for, and the emerald shoe to match is fantastic. Not to mention, her beautifully spray tanned skin, makeup and hair. The overall look is so polished and glamorous!

I also just want to say how happy I was that Breaking Bad won, and that Amy Poehler won for Parks and Recreation! She could literally be my best friend, I love her to pieces. I am however, deeply wounded that Aaron Paul didn't win for his role in Breaking Bad, Jesse was my favorite character and he was amazing.

PS Amy & Tina were not only hilarious but absolutely stunning!

Okay, that's all.

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