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Ah Juan Pablo, I love you. Seriously, he is a way better Bachelor than I was expecting. Not to say I wasn't excited about this season, because it's The Bachelor so duh I'm gonna watch, but I wasn't quite sure what would happen with him. I love it because he is probably the most serious and level headed Bachelor that has ever been on the show. He makes good decisions and handles the drama so well. With that said, let's get in to the highlights of the night!

Top 3 Highlights of the Night:
1. Kat's Electric Date - Juan Pablo took Kat to Salt Lake City to run in the electric run which looked SO FUN! Seriously I'm googling the next scheduled run and booking a freaking flight because I want to do that! They had good chemistry and Kat seems like one who will be around at least a while longer.
2. Photoshoot schenanigans - between Kelly having to wear that ridiculous dog costume and Andi stressing out (with good reason) about having to be naked in the shoot, it was a good first group date! I liked Andi's interaction with Juan Pablo, he's very good a difusing difficult situations and he's also super supportive - I'm starting to get why all of America fell in love with him. The best shoot of the date was Renee and Juan Pablo, they definitely have some heat between them!
3. Lucy is always naked. She even got her opportunity to walk a dog down the street in nothing but her skin during the group date. Just saying if my step mom got naked all the time I'd feel pretty weird (keep that in mind Juan Pablo).

Biggest Hot Mess:
I think this one is pretty clear, the biggest hot mess of the night was Victoria. During the evening portion of the group date she got wasted, ended up crying in the bathroom and tried to leave the show (which the producers wouldn't let her do for her own safety). They put her up in a hotel for the night and let Juan Pablo talk to her the next day since she refused to speak to him while having her melt down. She appologized and he very graciously accepted but sent her packing anyway. She's clearly not the kind of step-mother he'd like for his daughter.

Favorite Moment:
The girls proved they're not just beautiful but also clearly geniuses with these group date quotes:

"I would assume it's a photo shoot but maybe it's eating cheese... I'm good at both" [in response to the date card which said SAY CHEESE]

"He looks so good. He's wearing blue and his arms are showing."

"What's up bitches... as in dogs, ya know?"

"That's what life is about straddling people, and things."

Who's Out:
Drunky drunkerson Victoria (good call Juan Pablo)
Amy L

Top Contenders:
"I don't want to get naked" Andi
"A-Mazing" Clare (I didn't mention her date here because it was a yawn but she'll be around a while)
"Mama One" Renee
"Mama Two" Cassandra
"My dimples are too cute" Kat

It seems like the girls are all pretty friendly so far, usually there is one girl from the very beginning that no one likes and is immediately the cause of house drama. That's not the case yet... until next week.

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