Bachelor Blog: Hola Juan Pablo!

Well, The Bachelor is back and that means it's time to start Bachelor blogging again! I'm going to change the format of my Bachelor blog just a little bit this season to try to keep my posts a little shorter!

1. Introducing the ladies - of course on the first night we get a lot of introductions and some pretty crazy stunts. I'd just like to note that every single bio video was ridiculous; these girls are nuts-o. The best video was by far crazy Amy J the massage therapist. Her massages border on X-rated and she gets a little too much pleasure from them. Also, she has the crazy eyes; it looked like she thinks she has magic powers of persuasion if she makes intense eye contact with her prey. We got to see another glimpse of her sensual massage when she coerced Juan Pablo in to letting her rub him down. So awkward.

2. Juan Pablo gets advice from Sean and shows distaste for the word "Journey" - finally a bachelor who might not call his time on the show a journey for love.

3. Juan Pablo gives the first impression rose to Sharleen, who obviously doesn't want it but takes it anyway saying "Sure." Also she repeatedly called him "sir" - she's so weird.

Well there were a lot of hot messes last night, but I'll give the award of the night to Lauren H. I have to admit I saw this coming. When in her bio she said she had been engaged and abruptly dumped by her fiancé (by phone) just a few months before coming to the show, I knew we were in for some drama from her. Also her fake happy face is really scary; I think she snarled at him when she got out of the limo.

When Juan Pablo said "Kat" and both Kat and Kylie tried to come forward for the rose.... poor Kylie that was so uncomfortable and she never did get a rose.

A whole mess of girls is out, it's the first episode. But the ones they actually featured who didn't make the cut were Crazy Eyes Amy L, Hot Mess Lauren H and Katniss Wannabe Valerie.

The first 4 girls that Juan Pablo gave roses to at the rose ceremony are the girls that I picked the whole night: Nurse Nikki, Mama Renee, Prosecutor Andi, and Not-Pregnant Clare.

Okay so that wasn't much shorter than normal but it was the first episode so there were a lot of girls to cover. That's all for the first installment of the season, looking forward to see how Juan Pablo's "adventure" pans out! Until next week....

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