Bachelorette Blog: Finale Part 1

This is going to be short and sweet, about half the episode was centered around Brooks which is what I'm going to focus on here. I just want to say that even though Brooks broke Des' heart, I think he's a really good guy and did what was best for both of them. It's obvious that he took it very seriously and that he leans on his family and friends for guidance. He didn't make the decision to leave lightly. As much as he wished he was in love with Des, he just wasn't and he shouldn't pretend to be or let it go any further if he doesn't want to propose at the end of this. That being said, it was pretty drawn out. I counted 3 commerical breaks where nothing happened in between them except Des crying and Brooks not knowing how to comfort her.

I did feel for both of them, Des is in love with him and didn't even really try to fall in love with the others because she knew it was going to be him in the end. He obviously did not know that, I wonder if he had known if his feeling would have been less guarded and he would have let himself fall in love with her? I don't know.

All in all, I still like Brooks and I think he did the right thing but I'm very sad for Des because I feel like this truly is over for her. She said in her testimonial that it's not fair to the other guys because she knows she can't love them as much as she let herself love Brooks. I really think that she'll decide not to move forward with either of them, again this is based on Chris Harrison's description of the finale as "something we've never seen before on The Bachelorette". We've seen a lot, but we've never seen a Bachelorette not even get to the final rose.

If she somehow decides to go ahead and try to fall in love with one of the remaining men (because they're both in love with her) I still think she'll pick Chris in that senario but I really don't know. It would be pretty hard for anyone who might win to watch last night's episode and not wonder if Des' heart is really in it.

Des will have some hard things to deal with in next week's finale with the final 2 (by default) Chris and Drew.

I'm waiting on pins and needles!

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