Here's what I think: American Idol Final 3 Divas

I haven't been watching this season of American Idol. It's actually the only season since the first that I haven't watched it and I don't really want to go in to all the reasons why, I'll just say it has mostly to do with the judges and the strange format changes that I tried to work through at the beginning of the season. I was however, very excited to hear that the final three are all girls! It's about time the girls take back Idol! So I was curious and went on to see the performances of the top three over the course of the season.

Since I haven't been watching, I think this gives me perspective on who should win and I do love predicting the winners! First things first, tonight Idol will reveal the top two and I think it should be Angie and Kree. I had heard a lot of buzz surrounding Candice and after listening I think she has an amazing voice but after about 4 of her performances I was bored. That leads me to believe that maybe I wouldn't enjoy listening to her album or watching her headline a concert, so for that reason alone I think she should go home tonight.

Go figure, I really like Kree, because she's country. However, she really doesn't have much of a personality does she? Or maybe she's just super laid back? I don't know, I don't feel connected to her so me thinks others might not completely connect with her either and she may not win.

Which brings me to Angie. I did watch some of the auditions this year and a few preliminary rounds at the beginning of the season and she's the only one left on the show that I actually remember. It might be because when I first saw her I thought she looked so much like Miley Cyrus (and she totally does!). Here's the thing, she might not be the most technically amazing singer, although I think she's really good, but all of her song choices have been great. I listened to every single one of her performances from this season and couldn't pin point one where I thought she sucked it up. She has great stage presence and is a good performer. She's also fun and has personality. For all these reasons I think she should win. Maybe she wont but she should. She fits the American Idol mold perfectly and they'll market the crap out of her.

So, there's my outsider view of who I think should win American Idol. Good luck to the remaining girls, they are all talented and I'm pretty psyched that the winner will be female this year!

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  1. And I fail again at predicting the winner. Poor Angie has been ousted. I'm starting to believe those conspiracy theorists who think the show is rigged.


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