Here's what I think : The Office, Jim & Pam

I want to say that I understand where the writers are coming from with this whole "marriage on the rocks" storyline that they have created for Jim and Pam in the final season of "The Office", I know it's probably the most realistic scenario considering Jim's choice to work in Philadelphia and the couple having to spend a lot of time apart, but I really really don't like it.

Jim and Pam and their relationship is part of what make the show so fun and great and happy. This season has lived a little in bummerville, so in order to raise our spirits a little here are some of the best Jim and Pam moments from the past (it was kind of hard to find individual videos for each of my favorite moments so there is a "best of" video and then a few more great moments!)

So many great moments!

Some of the same clips, but I really love this song!

The way the show cut this together was better, but I couldn't find that so this is the next best thing. Love their wedding so much.

Baby Halpert!

At the end of the most recent episode we're left with another great Jim and Pam moment, where Pam remembers their wedding day and the reasons they love each other and we're left with some hope for our favorite Office couple. I've read that it's not the end of their struggles but I have a good feeling that this couple is going to make it! It's just too awful to think otherwise!

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