Here's what I think: MTV Movie Awards Fashion Recap

I love watching what people wear to award shows hosted on MTV, some people really know how to do it up in a fun but fashionable way while others completely lose their minds and show up in the most ridiculous clothes you might ever see! Here's a recap of how things went down last night.

Fashion Favorites - these are my top choices for the night, these stars really know how to have fun with fashion but also keep it appropriate and stylish.

These poor girls look very pretty but also look like they shopped in the juniors section at Dillards, oh so boring.

And here are a few of the stars that let their freak flags fly last night. I'd just like to say to Taylor Lautner that I see where he was coming from and I think he thought it was pretty funny but seriously he just needs to get over the fact that girls primarily like him because he looks hot without a shirt. Sorry but you've got a ways to go before you're appreciated for your acting chops.

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