Here's what I think: A Friends Reunion

Friends is my all time favorite television show and with rumors circulating that the potential for a reunion is is on the horizon, I'm all a twitter with my own opinions on how this should go down! I've heard various rumors ranging from NBC trying to make a friends reunion season happen, to doing a revival of the show without the original cast, to tales that this isn't in the works at all!

Here's what I think about this:

1. 2014 is the perfect time for a Friends reunion, of any kind. It was back in 2004 that the show wrapped with it's 10th season, what better timing for a rekindling of friendship than on the 10 year anniversary year? If it's not going to happen in 2014, it would be kind of weird for a random reunion 11 or 12 years after the finale.

2. While a full reunion season would be amazing, I find this highly unlikely to happen. Many of the actors are committed to other shows. If any of them could make an entire season work, my guess would be David Schwimmer could swing it, and if Jennifer Aniston isn't working on any films next year she could work it in as well (if the price is right of course for all of them!). It's much more likely for the cast to get together for an extended reunion special than for a full season, I just don't see how they could make that work.

3. Everyone knows that the Thanksgiving episodes were always the best, which makes me believe that a Thanksgiving holiday special would be the best fit for a Friends reunion. I'd like to see an hour to two-hour long special of our favorite Friends getting together at Monica and Chandler's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It would be pretty much perfect.

4. If Thanksgiving didn't work out maybe a Christmas/Holiday Special where they have new scenes mixed in with a clip show format to remind us of our favorite Friends Christmas moments. Clip show wouldn't be my first choice because obviously we all want to see new material and interaction with the characters but I could see this working for the show pretty easily. It would take the actors all of a week to put this together and wouldn't be a strain on their already busy schedules.

5. What about a Friends movie? Sex and the City did a pretty successful transition from television show to feature film, I just don't know about it for Friends it all depends on the script but there is no doubt that if this happened I would watch it!

So that's my two-cents (or rather 5 cents). It sort of made my day when I heard that this was a real possibility, it sounds like if they can find the right format, timing, and let's face it compensation; a Friends reunion in 2014 could be a reality! One thing I have to get out is that if they can't get the original cast they should just leave it alone, I don't think anyone wants to see a reinvention of Friends with a new cast.

Crossing my fingers for this, it would make my year!

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