Here's what I think: OSCARS Fashion Recap

It finally came, the culmination of all the red carpets and award shows this season! The Oscars! There were a lot of great fashions last night at the Academy Awards, the weather was beautiful and the stars flaunted their flirty spring looks and glammed it up for Hollywood's biggest night!

Here are my top 5 favorites of the night (counting down 5 to 1):
#5 - Kerry Washington - I wish this photograph looked as good as what she looked like in HD television because this was really pretty and I picked it because I love this color!
#4 - Jennifer Lawrence - so happy for J-Law, she looked beautiful and even though she tripped up the stairs on the way to get her best actress award, this dress was well worth it. My favorite part was her necklace worn pulled up to the neckline in front and hanging in the back, so pretty!
 #3 - Charlize Theron - gorgeous, this looks so amazing on her body and I love the new short hair! Perfectly styled and who knew she was such a beautiful dancer?

#2 - Jessica Chastain - I love this dress, I've heard it said that it might be too close to her skin tone but I just love it, the detail in the pattern and the sparkle is fantastic. I like her hair like this, I know she wears it like this a lot but unfortunately I've hated her hairstyles when she tries to change it up, so I'm happy she stuck with this. The red lip ties this whole look together, if she went with a nude lipstick the whole look would have changed and she would have looked completely washed out, but she did everything perfectly to make this look amazing!
#1 - Naomi Watts - This is the kind of dress I look for on the red carpet. I love things that are different, that make a statement and that don't look like every other dress I've seen the star wear in the past. The neckline on this makes the dress, if it was just a sweetheart it wouldn't have nearly the same appeal. I also love the material. She was the only star that I saw that took a "fashiony" risk that paid off.

Honorable mention - I really loved Halle Berry's dress. The more I looked at it the more I liked it. Until I saw Jane Fonda and then I realized that they had pretty much the same dress and Jane Fonda has got at least 20 years on Halle Berry so I thought maybe this wasn't the most age appropriate for Halle. That being said, her body looks amazing and her skin is flawless. I hate her hair though.

Some things I didn't love:
Amanda Seyfried - Okay this picture isn't so bad, I like the pattern on this, and I was really excited to hear she was going to wear McQueen because she wore an amazing McQueen dress to the Les Mis premier, but this didn't work for me. During her interviews she wasn't standing up straight and you could see that the top didn't fit perfectly and kept gaping. I do love her hair and was very happy that she pulled it back like this!
Anne Hathaway - first I'd like to say that I'm very happy for her and her big win. I don't think there was any question that she would win this award after sweeping all the others, and she totally deserves it for her performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" alone, every time I hear or see her sing that song I cry, she is so fantastic. That being said, I don't like this dress. I think it would have been better if it didn't have the second seam at the waist. If it just had the empire waist and the darts weren't pointing at her nipples that would have been better. The back is pretty and I like her hair and make up. I also don't mind this color on her, some people thought it washed her out but I think it makes her look pretty and soft. Just sad about the seams and darts otherwise I think this could have worked, but nothing about it wows me.

One last thing I wanted to point out - did anyone have deja vu over Zoe Saldana's dress? This reminded me so much of this other dress she wore a few years ago. I loved that dress and this one seemed too similar and wasn't as special so I was disappointed.
To see more of the amazing fashions from the Oscars check out E! Online here: 

E! is my favorite source for red carpet fashion, and don't forget to watch the 90 minute Academy Awards Red Carpet special on the Fashion Police tonight!

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  1. I now cannot UN-see the nipple darts. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


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