Here's what I think: Bachelor Sean Final 3 - Fantasy Suites

I'd like to start by saying that I'm so happy that AshLee is not in the final two and her reaction to him not picking her was classic. If you didn't believe me when I said AshLee has the crazy in her before, I hope you see it now! But we'll get to that in a minute. This week we're down to the final three and the fantasy suite over-night dates. I think it's good that all the girls were conscious of maintaining a lady-like image and I wish Sean had just address this more directly rather than saying "I think you know my intentions." I understand that it's no one's business what happens in those suites and that he wants to maintain some privacy about his personal life, however if the story is already out there just go with it! In case you aren't aware, US Weekly published a story (cover above) about the "Virgin Bachelor", Sean isn't a true virgin but after college he became more committed to his religion and does not believe in sex before marriage so he has vowed to be celibate until that time. All of the remaining three girls knew this, and although they were disappointed (so the article says) they respect his choice and I'm sure it took some of the pressure off the over-night dates for them.

Lindsay got the first date of the night and in true Sean form he planned some twists in this date, including making Lindsay eat bugs. It's funny because that is the ONE thing she said she wouldn't like to do and he's like "Oh yeah, we'll see about that!" She's a good sport as always and went along for the experience, which is exactly what Sean is looking for in a partner. He wants someone who he can have adventures with and do things that are out of their comfort zones. The rest of the date was mostly making out and feeding monkeys grapes. They have a great connection and I'm happy to hear Sean say that Lindsay is the best friend he's been looking for. I know that the Bachelor and Bachelorette usually have their top two or three picked from the very beginning but I legitimately think that Sean had 4 or 5 girls the whole time that he thought could be something. It's clear from the girls that he's left with that he wants family oriented, best-friend worthy women who are fun to be with but that he also has a chemistry with and that he wants nothing to do with anyone who is overly dramatic.

Next up was AshLee, I think Sean is trying really hard to get AshLee to be less of a control freak. He wants her to trust him and let go around him. I think she has been opening up to him a lot in the last few weeks and she honestly believed she was going to be the one in the end, which was made evident when she described for him in detail what kind of engagement ring she wants (always controlling every situation as best she can). I was a little uncomfortable with this date because Sean was super hard to read. I think until he went on his final date with Catherine, he really thought AshLee would be in the top two and even said he was falling in love with her. Here's the deal, I've said this before about other girls but on paper AshLee is perfect for him but in practice she's too intense and not that "best friend to have fun with" kind of girl.

Catherine got the final date of the night and it was pretty clear that Sean is totally smitten with her and she is with him too. She clarified a few things that came up during the hometown date that bothered both of them, insisting that her sisters don't really know how ready she is to settle down and emphasizing her willingness to come to Dallas to be with him which is exactly what Sean needed to hear. He likes her a lot and those things bothered him last week, with that cleared up Sean is ready to take the next steps in their relationship.

After his date with Catherine, Sean knew who he needed to send home but that didn't mean he felt good about it. This week weighed heavily on Sean because it was this same week that he was sent home on Emily's season and he had been completely blindsided. He knew he was doing the same thing to AshLee, based on all of their conversations he knew she thought they were moving forward and wouldn't expect to be sent home. Her reaction could have gone one of two ways, she could have lost it and cried all over the place, or she could have gotten pissed. She got pissed. The look on her face the moment he said Catherine's name said it all. Always in control, she reigned in her emotions and walked out without saying anything to the remaining girls who have been her friends this entire time. She walked straight passed Sean and directly to the limo. Sean was able to stop her to try to talk to her but she really didn't want to hear it and stared him down blank faced as he tried to give her closure, before getting in the limo and leaving him feeling like a real dick. I've known she was crazy for a while now, but this put the nail in the coffin for me. She was trying to be open and the moment he rejected her, her crazy control freak wall bounced right back in to place.

Here's the deal, I don't want  you to think that I don't like AshLee as a person. She is so beautiful and a really kind and giving person. She's had some unfortunate circumstances in life that have left her a little damaged and she's working on that. Everyone has issues, there's no reason she shouldn't find someone to be with. But she just isn't right for Sean. I hope she finds someone wonderful that she can have happy family with.

Now let's talk about the final two. I knew it would be these two and I'm super happy with his choices. I think Lindsay and Catherine are very similar in the things that matter most to Sean. They are both best-friend quality girls, they like to have a good time, they're up for anything and they have the same values when it comes to marriage and family that Sean does. This is going to be a tough choice for Sean, but the good news is no matter who he chooses he's getting a great girl! Lindsay is still my favorite, I think she's more ready to start a family now rather than a few years down the road. Also, her family already loves him and he'll have less of a hard time fitting in with them than Catherine's uber skeptical family. However, I'm leaning toward thinking that Catherine will win and her is why: in the previews for the final episode Chris Harrison brings a letter to Sean from one of the girls (presumably the one he is choosing), Catherine has been writing Sean little love notes the whole time she's been on the show so I think the letter is from her. If the letter is from the girl that Sean is picking, I think it's Catherine.

That is all. I'm excited to hear what all the women have to say next week at the Women Tell All, and in just a couple short weeks we'll know who Sean has chosen to be his wife! 

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