Here's what I think: Bachelor Sean Week 5-Night 2

We're getting down to the wire. In this second edition of The Bachelor this week, Sean was down to just 9 girls and finished the week with only 6, it's crazy how fast this all goes! Tuesday's episode brought the Bachelor and his beauties to the frozen mountains of Canada.

First one-on-one date goes to Catherine. It's about time these two got to go on a date. He seems to like her a lot and they always have great interactions in the group dates and at the cocktail parties. Sean brought Catherine to a glacier for some winter snow play. I feel like most of the dates this season have had an element that makes them much more difficult than they need to be (like the roller derby date, or the polar plunge- more on that later). So it shouldn't have been surprising that trying to play outside on a GLACIER would be a little uncomfortable. The wind was blowing, snow was pelting them in the face, Sean's hair was frosting over (seriously why didn't he wear a hat if it was that cold?), but the pair remained unmoved and enjoyed their time together having a play date. It was pretty cute, and Catherine had a good time. It was good that Sean chose Catherine for this date because someone else might not have appreciated it so much. In the evening part of the day, Sean and Catherine cozy up next to a fire in an ice castle specially build for The Bachelor. They had a good conversation, which convinced me to upgrade Catherine to a front runner status.

Group date - Polar Plunge and Tierra drama! On this group date, Sean brought the girls to a glacial lake to do a Polar Plunge. In case you're not familiar with this, a Polar Plunge is when you submerge yourself in freezing water, you have to be completely submerged for it to count and this kind of thing is done all over the world. Most of the girls were game, even though they were reluctant and also freezing fully clothed let alone in a bikini and dunking into ice water. AshLee, Tierra and Selma were the most reluctant of the group. Selma was the only one who bailed on it all together and I think Sean was really disappointed that she didn't do it. Here's where it got weird. All the girls went in the water at the same time, all came out at the same time, all of them were getting bundled up together with the life guard and the EMT there supervising everything, and all of a sudden Tierra is wandering around, can't find her boots and is freezing her ass off. She ends up getting taken away from the date and they discuss taking her to the hospital (again). They get her back to the hotel and the EMT is like "Oh she's already warmed up so much! Let's just get her inside and get her dressed!"

I call bullshit. Tierra is so good at pretending to be hurt or upset, and she just wanted to go back to the hotel, get all cozy in her robe, have people wait on her and get a little alone time and attention for Sean. He told her to stay in for the night and get better, but she dolled herself up and went to the evening portion of the group date anyway! This makes it pretty clear there was never anything seriously wrong with her. Then, when Sean gives the group date rose to Lesley, Tierra got all pissed because she felt she "deserved" it more. Since she was the one who "almost froze 'TO DEATH', she was the one who sucked it up and came out on the date anyway." So stupid because guess what? ALL of the girls froze their asses off (except Selma) and ALL of the girls sucked it up and handled it a lot better than she did. I really hate that Tierra feels so entitled all the time. This attitude of "I deserve" is really wearing on me.

A twist! After the group date was over, Sean went back to his hotel room and quickly decided that there was one girl he wasn't seeing a future with and didn't want to put her through waiting another day and through a rose ceremony to let her go. He pulled Sarah aside and explained that she had to go home. He was really nice about it, and she took it well even though you could tell that she was very much disappointed. The worst part was that she had to go back in to the girls room and tell them that Sean was sending her home early. Very sad, but it was clear that they weren't developing a romantic relationship.

The final date in Canada went to Des! They really needed a date to reconnect after Monday's episode. On Monday they weren't really clicking, Des was starting to doubt what they had and Sean was frustrated trying to reassure her. So what better way to reconnect then to repel down a steep mountain side. Even though I really like Des and I think Sean does too, and they said all the right things on the date, I feel like they weren't connecting as much as they did in the beginning. I feel like Des is starting to hold back a little and becoming more guarded, which is odd because earlier in the season she told Sean that she doesn't let the other girls and their relationships with him affect her because she is confident in what they have and in herself. So what happened? I think that her story about her upbringing, not having a lot of money and moving around a lot (at one point even living in a tent with her family because they couldn't afford something more) says a lot about her. She wants to be strong and she doesn't want pity. She needs to trust Sean to be there for her and I think she wants to but it's getting harder for her.

Cocktail party - Much less eventful than the last one, it seemed to go really fast because there are much fewer girls left Sean had already talked to the majority of them before the cocktail party. The weirdest thing that happened here was AshLee asking Sean to blind fold her as a symbol of her giving him control. Yeah, it was weird. Here's the thing about AshLee, she's beautiful, she's got a good heart, she's smart, she's the total package, but she's just so serious. And she talks in metaphors all the time which drives me crazy. I think Sean really liked her after their first date and there's really nothing wrong with her so he's been keeping her around. But if you look at his interaction with AshLee versus Lesley or Lindsay it's so different. He is looking for someone fun loving, who rolls with the punches and is up for anything. I don't think that is AshLee.

Another bigger moment from the cocktail party was that Selma decided to go ahead and give him a little peck of a kiss. She was feeling bad that she didn't do the Polar Plunge and wanted to leave him with something to show him she was making an effort.

I wasn't expecting 3 girls to go home last night. I thought he would only send one from the cocktail party and Sarah, so when it came down to Tierra, Selma and Daniella I was suddenly aware that poor Selma was heading home. Daniella wasn't a surprise but I thought Selma might have another week in her, but not against Tierra. It was pretty obvious he wasn't sending Tierra home. So farewell Selma, you are beautiful and your testimonials were hilarious (especially that weird laugh of yours), you will be missed.

Since we're getting so low on girls, I'm ready to pick real front runners. Here's who I'd like to see in the top 4 to go on home town dates: Lindsay, Catherine, Lesley and Des. Unfortunately, I'm not all together certain that Sean will be convinced of Tierra's crazy before then so if she makes it in to the top 4 I think she's most likely to take the place of Lesley or Des. But let's hope that next week she does something seriously appalling and Sean finally believes what the girls have been saying about her that he sends her packing. My fingers are crossed!

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