Here's what I think: Bachelor Sean Week 5-Night 1

It was an eventful night, with plenty of drama, leaving Sean confused and frustrated on this first night of the double episode week! This week there was a one-on-one date, a group date, and the dreaded two-on-one date which always makes for a tense night. On top of all of that, our Bachelor and his bachelorettes began their world-wide journey by traveling to Montana. So let's dig right in!

The one-on-one date was awarded to.... Lindsay! Yay for Lindsay, I just love her, she's so sweet! I was excited that Sean gave Lindsay the one-on-one because it's been pretty clear from the group dates and cocktail parties that Sean and Lindsay have a great budding relationship. At first, I felt like the show wasn't really showing us much of their time together. They helocoptered up a mountain where they set up camp and enjoyed the view and some making out time. Then, they cuddled up by a fire and Sean asked "deeper" questions of Lindsay where she told him about her childhood as an Army brat and how hard it was having her father gone through most of her adolescence. But this was about as deep as the audience got to see because the rest of the time they just made out. Finally, they headed outside for a street concert where they got to experience the oh-so-awkward dancing on a raised platform and making out some more in front of tons of people. (Shout out to country singer Sarah Darling, who comes from my home state of Iowa! Woot woot!) Overall though, this was the best date of the night and I've got high hopes for Lindsay. Here's why: When Sean says being with her would be like having your best friend on the one hand and the love of your life on the other, and that she'll make a good wife, I gotta believe she'll be around for the long haul. I honestly think she'll make at least top 4. They seem to be a good fit.

Group Date - Another competion. I don't think these are ever a good idea, it puts the girls in the wrong mindset. The challenge this week was a lumberjack challenge in which the ladies broke in to two teams and had to compete in various tasks including canoeing, hauling bails of hay, sawing through a log, milking a goat and then drinking that goat milk. The first team to complete the challenge wins and gets more time with Sean. This time the winning team included Des, Sarah, Robin and Selma. So the other team loads in to a bus and heads back to the resort. However, this isn't the end for the losing team (comprised of AshLee, Daniella, Catherine, and Lesley ). Sean feels that at this point in the journey it doesn't make sense to send anyone away from a date, he needs to spend time with all the girls so he can find his wife. I actually think this is completely understandable, but needless to say the "winning" team was pissed. Especially Robin. She had a sour face the entire time, and they never even showed any one-on-one time with her and Sean on this date. Really, she had completely the wrong attitude, she was much too focused on the girls and feeling jipped out of time with Sean than she should have been.

The group part of the evening was pretty tense, but each one-on-one went well. It seemed there might not be too much drama with this group of girls (other than the blatent hostility coming from Robin, and the other "winning team" members feeling jilted), until Daniella goes to get some time with Sean and sees Catherine sitting on his lap. This upsets her more than it should and she starts getting emotional about how all the girls seem to be making connections with Sean. Later, Sean comes to grab Daniella for some alone time and she crys all over the place. But she explains that she's just having a rough night and that it's starting to get hard for her to see the other girls with him when she wants to be getting closer to him. It works for her benefit and she gets the group date rose. As much as Sean says he doesn't like drama, he has a bad habit of giving the rose to the girl who is the most insecure and emotional on group dates. Not a good thing.

One last thing that happened on the group date - Stupid Tierra shows up to surprise him and pull him aside to let him know that she's upset about having to go on the two-on-one date. They have a little chat and she goes home without any of the other girls knowing she was there. BAH! Stupid Tierra! More on that later.

Two-on-one Date: Tierra and Jackie. Okay this isn't fair. Don't put Tierra on a two-on-one date when you have shown her on trailers for upcoming episodes! We knew the whole time that Jackie wasn't going to get the rose which made it that much more embarrassing for her when all her testimonial videos talked about how she couldn't wait for Sean to send Tierra home so they could have alone time. The date is weird and tense, as is normal for this kind of date. Sean takes Jackie aside so that he can get to know her better and see if they have a connection and instead of trying to make a connection with him, she warns him about Tierra. Not a good choice. Although, she did have a specific circumstance to discuss with him that directly effects him so at least she was able to provide an example of Tierra's crazy, which is more than I can say for anyone else! Jackie informs Sean that at the airport on the way to Montana, Tierra commented on how attractive some other guys were at the airport and was flirting with them. Here's the thing, Jackie feels confident after this that her time with Sean went well. She's on crack because anyone can see that Sean feels a connection with Tierra and if you want to get her out of there try to forge a stronger connection with him than her instead of being a tattle.

Tierra doing her wicked witch laugh.
In Tierra's one-on-one time during this date, she confides in Sean that she was in a previous relationship for many years with a man who had substance abuse issues and was repeatedly in rehab. Because she's such a loving and loyal person she stayed by him and he eventually passed away. Okay, am I a huge bitch for not feeling sympathy for her? This is a sad story, but from what I've seen of her on this show, I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Any time she is talking to Sean, she's putting on a show and saying things that she thinks will gain her some ground with him. Unfortunately, he didn't take Jackie's warning and Tierra got the rose as we knew she would!

Cocktail party time! Here comes the real drama of the night. Robin and Tierra get in to it (again) and this time, Tierra lets her bitch flag fly and goes off on Robin, which Sean walks in to. So, Sean isn't stupid. He knows that there is tension at this cocktail party and he knows that none of the girls are getting along with Tierra. He decides to do some investigating. First, he starts with Tierra. He pulls her aside and asks her what was happening, and she tells him her sob story about how all the girls constantly attack her and she never does anything to deserve their vicious behavior. Sean also seeks out Des and Lesley's opinion on what's going on in the house. He doesn't want to be naieve about Tierra but whenever someone brings up that she's "not there for the right reasons" they can't back it up with examples. He wants specifics. I do think it's telling that he seeks out Des and Lindsay for the "scoop" because it shows that he trusts them and their opinions. It's too bad neither of them felt comfortable saying anything that would be useful to him.

Seriously girls, he was ASKING for you to tell him everything you don't like about Tierra and why she's wrong for him, and no one would step up. On the one hand, I understand that they don't want to spend their alone time with Sean bad mouthing someone else and they don't want to seem petty. But he was asking for examples and no one would deliver specifics for him. This was a bad mistake because if Sean was given a reason to doubt that Tierra is anything but sincere he was completely willing to revoke her rose. But that didn't happen and now I'm very sure she's going to be around for a while (unfortunately).

Two last things:
1. Poor Des, she hasn't really gotten much time with Sean over the last couple weeks. Everytime she sits down with him, they get a couple minutes and someone steals him away. Then when she finally did get some time tonight, he wanted her to dish on Tierra and when she didn't he felt like she was holding back on him and confused him. He felt like they took a step back, which is not a good sign for her.
2. This is stupid but is anyone else annoyed by how Tierra says "pity" when she means "petty"? It really annoys me.

Sean left this week feeling less than confident that he'll find his wife. It was a rough night 1 of the double episode week, so hopefully night 2 will be better. It will definitley deliver drama for us, with yet ANOTHER accident for Tierra, which she uses again to get closer to Sean.

Front runners: Lindsay, Lesley, AshLee, Selma, Stupid Tierra and hopefully still Des

Out this week: Jackie and Robin

Don't forget to watch tonight for the second chapter of week 5 and check in here tomorrow for my recap and thoughts! See you tomorrow!

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