Here's what I think: Golden Globes 2013 Best and Worst Fashion Moments

So many amazing looks last night at the 70th annual Golden Globes presentation and I was watching E! Live from the Red Carpet to catch all the looks before the show started!

There were so many really beautiful gowns at the show last night, so I've chosen just a few of my top favorite complete looks from the night. These ladies look gorgeous head-to-toe, complete perfection!

I'm obsessed with these hard metallic belts with gowns right now, this look on Jennifer Lawrence was beautifully put together and I'm loving this new sexy vibe that Taylor has been going for lately, seriously she's never looked better!
Can you believe that Claire Danes had a baby just one month ago? Her body looks so amazing in this gown, I just could not get over how fantastic she looks post baby. Katherine McPhee looked stunning in this black plunging neckline, you can't see in this picture but the side view of this look is breathtaking. Finally, Jessica Alba just looks so pretty and put together I had to include her, plus I love this color!

And now for the worst, I have to preface this by saying that although these stars are beautiful, these looks just didn't work for me:

I really hate to say anything bad about Lena Dunham's dress here, it is a gorgeous dress and really is very flattering in photos as you can see here; however I didn't like it because she looked so incredibly uncomfortable in it. It wasn't her style and it didn't flatter her tattoos. Also, she really needed to practice walking in heals because she looked a bit ridiculous walking to and from the podium.

As for Amanda Seyfried, I really hate this. The detailing on the bodice doesn't do what it should for her body, she's a thin girl but the way this is cut makes her look like she's got love handles and that pin holding together the top isn't helping matters. I wish she would have done something with her hair. She has beautiful hair and I love this style for every day or for interviews, etc. but not for the Golden Globes. I mean, come on she's part of the cast for a best motion picture nominee (which won by the way) and she couldn't come out in something a little more put together? I hope she goes all out for the Oscars to make up for this.

This past week has been a great start to awards season and I can't wait to watch through February to see how the starts celebrate their achievements through fashion!

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