Here's what I think: Bachelor Sean Week 3

The drama is in full gear now! I've heard people say that the second episode is where it starts to get interesting, but I disagree. The first night is sensory overload, just getting a glimpse at the ladies, you don't really have time to get any kind of handle on what they are like or who's in it for the right reasons. The second week is really the first chance to see how the girls interact not only with each other but also with Sean in various settings. I do agree that the second week is telling because we get an idea of who the Bachelor is initially attracted to by who he chooses for his first one-on-one dates. However, I think week 2 is still too early to really get an idea of where the season is heading. Week 3, that's where the drama begins.

This week we learned a lot, let's start with the dates!

Lesley - It was pretty obvious on last week's group date that Sean and Lesley have a good chemistry and an initial attraction. Last week, although they had good vibes in their conversation, Sean felt like it was a little awkward they both kept missing opportunities to move in for the first kiss. Good call on Lesley's part to just go for it at the end of their conversation, I think that sealed the deal for her getting a one-on-one date this week. Also, I found it kind of ironic that this week their date involved kissing in a major way. Sean shared with Lesley that his father once set a World Record and that they would be attempting to break their own with the longest on-screen kiss in history. Seriously, this was super weird. They kissed for over 3 minutes, with an audience. How uncomfortable would it be to kiss a guy (or girl) that you've basically been on one date with - if you can even count that group date as a date - for that long in front of a bunch of people? It was their second kiss! Anyway, as uncomfortable as it might have been, I was impressed by how Lesley was so willing to go along. You could tell she was really embarrassed but I guess that's just what you have to do for love (at least on The Bachelor). The rest of their date was much more laid back and I get the feeling that Lesley will be around for a while.

Group date - Volley ball challenge! I like the group dates that have some kind of competition in them because it highlights the crazy girls and last night was no exception. The girls had to compete with each other and the winning team got to spend more time with Sean, while the losing team had to head back the mansion. A few stand outs here - Kristy (the model from the Midwest) is a really bad loser and kind of a cry baby. I sort of got the impression she was more sad about losing a competition than she was about not spending time with Sean but maybe that's just me. Also on the crazy train is... Taryn, okay we've know she was a little crazy from the start but honestly she just seems pretty desperate. I think she wants so badly to be in love and get married that she doesn't really care who it is, I don't think she had any particular attachment to Sean but was pretty devastated in the end when she not only lost the volley ball game, but also went home.

I thought it was funny that the group that won the challenge was full of front runners including Des, Lindsay and Kacie. But then Kacie went and blew it! What was so endearing about Kacie in Ben's season was that she was so cute and sweet and just completely herself. She made a big mistake this season because I think she felt like she had to "play the game". She decided to tell Sean about how Des and Amanda don't get along in the house. WHY! I can't say it better than Sean who said, "Why are you involving yourself?... I want you to act like Kacie, not this crazy person I'm seeing." So glad that Sean is 100% comfortable saying what is on his mind all the time. She really shouldn't have said anything.

Ashlee - AWESOME date! Sean surprised Ashlee with a date at 6-Flags, but what was so special was that they got to share it with two really sweet girls who suffer from chronic illness. Sean picked the perfect girl for this date, Ashlee seems to be so positive and giving. She really felt blessed to be part of making a great day for these girls. I can imagine some of the other girls in the house might not have been so gracious and genuinely grateful to be a part of it. I was happy that Ashlee was able to open up to Sean about her family and childhood. It's a little hard to believe that she ever had a problem telling these things to other people considering how composed she always is. She sort of reminds me of a beauty pageant contestant in the way she seems articulate and prepared for any topic. Sean was clearly moved and I love him for getting emotional during her story. He seems to really like Ashlee, and I really want to like her too but right now she's not my favorite. I can't put my finger on it, she's perfectly nice and genuine and sweet and beautiful, but I feel like she's still holding back a little? I don't know how to explain it. She says she really likes him and she says she is invested, but I don't really feel it from her yet. Maybe she'll open up more over the next several weeks.

Other notes from week 3:

I'm officially over Tiarra. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. She seemed cute and I really wanted her to be, but clearly she is an attention whore and I was super disappointed in the anticlimactic resolution to her "fall" that had been over-hyped since the beginning of the season. Super stupid. Also, she's really mean.

Stand outs - nothing new here, I still think that Des, Lindsay, Ashlee and Lesley will go far - also based on the previews for next week I'm excited to see more of Selma.

Speaking of Selma, I think she might be Michelle Money's long lost twin sister. Seriously these girls look so much alike, anyone else see it?

The outcasts - wasn't surprised much by this. As I said Kristy was a cry baby and didn't really have any kind of connection with Sean. I think Sean smelled the desperation on Taryn and didn't find it attractive. Finally, just want to say I called it. Only 3 weeks in and Kacie is officially in the friend zone. Too bad for her, but I think Sean's got some better options in the girls he kept. I am a little surprised that Leslie H. and Jackie are still hanging in there, but I guess he can only send so many home each week. I don't really expect them to stay around much longer. I'm sort of hoping Sean sends Leslie H home at the end of their one-on-one next week. But maybe I'll change my mind and love her next week? Who knows!

See you next week fellow Bachelor lovers!

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